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On this day in history....14th April 1950

On this day in history : 14th April 1950 – The first issue of ‘Eagle’ is published with hero Dan Dare on the front cover…. The children’s comic was an instant success selling 900,000 copies of the first issue…. 539 more words

British History

When Barrie Met Ian

ComicScene Podcast host Phillip Vaughan caught up with Ian Kennedy and Barrie Tomlinson at their recent signing of Turbo Jones for Rebellion. It was hoped to bring you the interview on the Podcast but the quality wasn’t great. 2,625 more words

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On the stars

I’m not a scientist or a mathematician, and occasionally find myself, somewhat ashamedly admitting that, even though there are aspects of those vast areas of human knowledge that I really do enjoy talking about, if the discussion gets too technical, I actually do develop a headache: there are certain ideas that I cannot get my head around, no matter how hard I may try. 558 more words

Science Fiction

New Spaceship Away for 2019

The new Spaceship Away is available with a focus on artist Don Harley, who contributes the cover and back cover. Alan Vince begins a two part feature on the artist alongside some strips in the style of the original Eagle, such as Shakedown Cruise, with Dan and co. 129 more words

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WED21 - Mob Handed


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You want action? You want mystery?  Talk to The Hand, draw a One Eyed Jack, Dare the Future, Walk or Die, see the Mickey Mouse House of Correction… no, we’re drifting…. 19 more words

Eagles Dare

WED20 - The Fatso Parsons Project


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Join Pete and Dave as the 80s Eagle brings on the crazy for issues 68-70. Manix gets ugly, Walk or Die gets treacherous, Dare goes ape, while Crowe Street Comp runs wild, we meet the force of nature that is One Eyed Jack, and The Fifth Horsemen reached a sanity taxing conclusion.  7 more words

Eagles Dare

Star Wars in 2000AD, part 1

Solar Salutations, fellow humans! It’s time once again to splice the hatches and batten down the mainbrace and settle in for a long meander down retrospect river, because Unky Rusty has wrangled his trained pedantosaur out of its pen (actually, it’s more of a paddock than a pen) and taken it foraging for juicy and nutritious info-nuggets. 4,125 more words