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The Doll’s Alphabet: Stories by Camilla Grudova

Camilla Grudova lives in Toronto and has a degree in Art History and Germany from McGill University of Montreal. The Doll’s Alphabet, her debut collection, sets surreal tales of women’s inner lives against ruined cityscapes. 874 more words

Fiction Reviews

Think about what gets you out of the house on weekends. Is it dirt-biking or brewing craft ales? Maybe bird-spotting, kickboxing, visiting medieval churches, or attending cosplay conventions dressed as Harry Potter.

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A word often used to describe an actor’s performance is “convincing.” When a film critic watches a heist movie and describes the actor playing the lead bank robber as “convincing,” what is the critic convinced of?

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Pretentious is...?

The following text was originally published in the May/June edition of the Visual Artists’ News Sheet, which also features contributions by Teresa Gillespie, Jonathan Mayhew, Eilis McDonald and Declan Clarke, alongside a report on ‘ 1,295 more words

Pretentiousness: Why it Matters by Dan Fox — Thomas Storey

As insults go, an accusation of pretentiousness can sting more than most, attacking as it does the gap between our self-identity and our self-expression, who we are and the way we project ourselves into the world. 1,453 more words

Book Review

Pretentiousness: Why it Matters, by Dan Fox

As soon as I saw Dan Fox’s Pretentiousness (Fitzcarraldo, 2016) I knew I had to read it.  I knew nothing about the author or the publisher, and it was entirely possible that it would make its case by being a prime example of its subject matter; the austere cover didn’t entirely dispel those misgivings.   774 more words