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Poetic discoveries

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I cannot stop emphasizing the fact that I see myself as both writer and reader equally. I find a huge amount of inspiration and encouragement in other people’s work and what I especially like reading is poetry. 1,386 more words



A write-up of a truly wonderful event, IndieRecon, the Indie Author Fair, and the Indie fringe at London Book Fair will follow. Here, I will just say an enormous thank you to Orna Ross at the Alliance of Independent Authors who does such incredible work and despite the organisations expanding profile continues to let an obscure little poet take a place. 451 more words


Petrichor - the challenge.

I started this project because I wanted to challenge myself. I wanted to see where my limits lay. All my life, that has been what has driven me. 869 more words

Dan Holloway

Thank you for a Wonderful Ride: Why I'm Still Not Taking Yes For an Answer

Writing has been incredibly kind to me, given me more than I could ever imagine, most notably of all a host of wonderful friends. And self-publishing has been a trailblazing blistering white knuckle ride, glorious and gobby and uncomfortable and frustrating and infuriating and delicious. 2,574 more words


Snake Alley Criterium and Melon City Criterium Race Reports (+Extras)

This was one of two A-race weekends this year (Glencoe Grand Prix, May 31st being the other – I dropped out of Galena due to SATII Testing).   1,343 more words


An Unchoreographed Life

Jane Davis is one of my newfound heroes. A prizewinning literary author who tackles the trickiest of subjects and has turned to producing the very finest self-published literary works. 3,599 more words


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Today there's a treat for you: one great author (Dan Holloway) interviewing another (Jane Davis) on his blog. After the morning I've had (don't ask), I'd make a hash of trying to explain any more. You may not have heard of novelist Jane Davis before, but that could be the world's fault for not being ready for her. So I'm off to get myself a coffee and some ibuprofen while the interview speaks for itself.

You Never Know Who Your Words Will Save

I almost quit writing. I was frustrated with the lack of commercial success, stymied by the opaque process of submitting work to publishing houses, and all out of joy. 1,256 more words