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do you have the time?

Sometimes I choose a movie to wach because it’s popular. Sometimes because I’m in the mood for it. A few times because I’m up for anything and it’s the only one availble that I can stomach. 1,613 more words

I love her, I love her, I LOVE HER!

Thank you to everyone who prayed with us yesterday.

To be honest it’s fairly scary having hope again. I hadn’t realized I’d given up as much as I had until I found out there was still a chance “O” could be a part of our family. 644 more words

"Dan In Real Life" on DVD (2007, Steve Carell, Juliette Binoche)

I put this movie on for my mom and planned to leave and come back when the movie was done; but instead I started to watch with her, and stayed until the end.  527 more words


Why I Identify with WALL•E's Awkwardness

My wife and I recently had a discussion about two movies we own and how I like to watch them over and over again. The two movies are… 357 more words



For the umpteenth time, I popped Dan In Real Life into the DVD player and pressed play. 

Directed by Peter Hedges and starring Steve Carell and Juliette Binoche, the film is about a widower with three daughters who falls for his brother’s girlfriend over the course of his family’s annual gathering in Rhode Island. 63 more words


30 Day Movie Challenge - Day 17

Day 17: A movie you wish more people would have seen

Once again I couldn’t just pick one movie.  There are a few movies that I love that more people should see.  677 more words


And There Came A Trailer - Think Steve Carell Is Just A Funny Man? Think Again.

Composing a review of This Is Where I Leave You (which can be found HERE), I was reminded of my favorite Steve Carrell movie… 113 more words