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Moderate Democrats Just Scored in Illinois Primary

On the heels of Conor Lamb’s upset victory in PA-18 a deep debate within the party has been reignited around whether it should find candidates that fit their districts profiles or whether it should ignite around progressive challengers.  489 more words


Looks Like It's Still Lose-Lose For Democratic Voters And The Democratic Party In Chicago


This congressional race encapsulates all that is wrong with the Democratic Party. Here you have a Nazi (his denial is laughable) who got the GOP nomination only because this is Deep Blue district no legitimate GOP politician wanted any part of. 185 more words


Rebecca Dallet channels her inner Nancy Pelosi

But can she play the tuba?

At Pints and Politics on March 6, Supreme Court candidate Michael Screnock gave a nice talk and then strapped on his tuba and tooted On Wisconsin and the Bud Song with other UW-Madison marching band alumns. 459 more words


PROLIFE Democrat snubbed by party for reelection? Yes, it IS about abortion.

Are there some Democrats the finally see that the party has gone off it’s proabort rocker? Pretty much. I’m not so surprised that blue dog dems like Dan Lipinski are outed for the true social justice that was once a standard of the party. 271 more words


On Pragmatism and Purity


Following up on a recent Facebook thread where I tried to trouble the “pragmatist” v “purist” binary.

Russell Berman, in “House Democrats Turn on One of Their Own… 484 more words