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Dan Miller has gone missing and no one can find him. Dan was last seen with Navy in Pennsylvania. Dan was scheduled to speak in front of the Upper Perk water polo team but he never showed up. 12 more words

Dan Miller

Dan Miller strikes again

Dan Miller has just been seen sending snap chats making fun of two people who he does not like at all and he is facing some charges. 25 more words

Dan Miller


The showdown of the two best players in the world is here. Everybody knows Dan Miller will be in this event but what they do not know that Navy the only player to beat Dan in a one v one game is his opponent. 36 more words

Dan Miller

New Water Polo Ball

A new water polo ball has been released this ball will be more grip and will have a new grip that has just been designed and is being tested out on water polo. 42 more words

Dan Miller

Jail Time

It is a sad time in the high school at water as the bench of Dan Miller has been stolen and they have found the remains of the bench shredded up. 81 more words

Dan Miller

Don’t be a Scribe or Pharisees…

In today’s Gospel reading, Matthew 23:1-12. Jesus talked about the scribes and the Pharisees taking the seat on the chair of Moses. Do what they tell you but don’t follow their example. 479 more words


My To Do Day 2

Well, I am not sure I have accomplished much today. I did take Albus with us today on our adventure. He is such a good dog but today he didn’t want to listen. 701 more words