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"The Silly and Harmful Drug War"

Economist Dan Mitchell captures my sentiments precisely on the issue of the illegalizatoin and prosecution of drug offenders in a recent blog post. His introduction is a succinct summary that I align with: 511 more words


Socialism Sounds Great

The definition of socialism is, government ownership of the means of production. Many countries we call socialist today, don’t actually own the means of production, they just encumber the private owners of the means of production with rules, regulations, and taxes to the point that the businesses have limited freedom to make decisions concerning their business. 927 more words

Government And Politics

An Economy of One - March 29, 2016

Hour 1: Trump campaign gets touched; Let the free market choose the president; Tax environment is chasing jobs out of the country; Why communism and socialism doesn’t work, and how capitalism can (but isn’t being given the chance by our regulation and tax happy government) … 53 more words


"Another Great Moment in the Annals of Government-Run Healthcare"

A classically trained economist will always remind you that, “there is no such a thing as a free lunch.” With debate swirling in leftist circles around single payer and “free” healthcare, we need reminders of the impact of the loss of the profit incentive and the loss of an actionable feedback loop that the free market effectively provides. 337 more words


Workers vs. Looters

Over the years, I’ve latched on to several images that do a very good job of capturing the essence of an issue.

Here are some of my favorites. 85 more words


"Campaign Finance Reform is Corruption"

The title may seem like a counterintuitive claim, but this George Will video is highly worth the watch for the explanation.

Corruption arises not from ability to finance elections and candidates, but from big government. 24 more words


French President Approaches Cliff, Steps on Accelerator

When I wrote back in 2012 that France was committing fiscal suicide, I should have guessed that President Hollande would get impatient and push for even more statism. 590 more words

Big Government

Phineas Fahrquar reblogged this on Public Secrets and commented:

France has been dirigiste since Louis XIV centralized all power under him, and the French leadership has been trapped in that intellectual straitjacket ever since. The idea of lowering the burden of government and letting market forces work is probably inconceivable to President Hollande -- and most of his people.