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"Campaign Finance Reform is Corruption"

The title may seem like a counterintuitive claim, but this George Will video is highly worth the watch for the explanation.

Corruption arises not from ability to finance elections and candidates, but from big government. 24 more words


French President Approaches Cliff, Steps on Accelerator

When I wrote back in 2012 that France was committing fiscal suicide, I should have guessed that President Hollande would get impatient and push for even more statism. 590 more words

Big Government

Phineas Fahrquar reblogged this on Public Secrets and commented:

France has been dirigiste since Louis XIV centralized all power under him, and the French leadership has been trapped in that intellectual straitjacket ever since. The idea of lowering the burden of government and letting market forces work is probably inconceivable to President Hollande -- and most of his people.

Minimum Wage Mandates Help Workers...into the Unemployment Line

As you can see from this interview, I get rather frustrated by the minimum wage debate. I’m baffled that some people don’t realize that jobs won’t be created unless it’s profitable to create them. 792 more words


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Progressive city councils (Hello, Seattle and Los Angeles!) and state governments (Hiya, California!) have a lot to answer for: pricing out of the job market the very people they claim to want to help -- young people and the poor.

Album Review: Alabama - 'Roll On'

Alabama released their eighth album in 1984. Produced as per usual by Harold Shedd, Roll On was certified quintuple platinum and charted four number one hits. 524 more words

Spotlight Artist

Unemployment truth brought to you by Dan Mitchell (& Abbott and Costello)

Dan Mitchell of the Cato Institute shared this bit of humor regarding unemployment numbers on his blog today.  It’s so true, it hurts:

P.S. Let’s close with some economic humor.

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