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Supporting Charities to Make Real Change

Following some workshops I ran in Tasmania last year, I was asked to write an article for a community newspaper in northern Tasmania called the… 699 more words

The Fish Chick

What do you value most?

In his TedTalk titled “The way we think about charity is dead wrong,” Dan Pallotta made a statement which inspired me to deeply question something about us humans. 476 more words


Rethinking the Nonprofit Business Model

In a recent TED Talk, Pallotta contends that NPO’s should leverage the same business models as the for profit industry. The reasoning supporting this conclusion is that NPO’s need to become more competitive in order to recruit top talent, create competitive advantage, and generate additive values that are wanted by the customers (but often available in the individual NPO). 1,087 more words


Rick Hansen. Living legend. Used just his arms to power himself around the planet. Raised 26 million dollars. Started his own charitable foundation. And his own GSN. 921 more words


The right way to engage audiences with controversial channels

We’ve all experienced it: a friend goes abroad and our news feed fills with foreign lands and nameless faces with the perfectly applied Instagram filter. 711 more words

Shannon Turner

Our tomorrow: Hopeful/daring talks in Session 1 of TED2016

Tomorrow is a promising day: It’s full of possibility in a way yesterday isn’t, but so much more immediate than the nebulous future. TED2016 kicks off with a session called “Our Tomorrow,” a chance to hear from speakers with big ideas on where we’re headed, from a 10-year-old writer to a titan who creates much of the television you watch today. 1,218 more words

TED Conferences


Suppose we knew all there was to know about doing individual engagement right. What might that mean for global problem solving as we go about it now? 575 more words