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Important Questions About Homosexuality That Never Get Asked

In hopes of helping the media become more even-handed in their reporting, Dan Phillips writes a list of questions he wished they would ask Democratic Candidates concerning homosexuality and related issues. 226 more words

Or bang down a bottle of your favorite adult beverage...

Proverbs is a collection of…well, proverbs! And proverbs by definition are short and pointed. They burst in the front door, bang a cup on the table, have their say, and then exit with a slam – leaving us blinking in amazement and mulling over what they said.

Dan Phillips, GWiP, 27

Dan Phillips

Wisdom taught...wisdom required...

…Proverbs both teaches wisdom, and requires wisdom for its correct interpretation and application.

Dan Phillips, GWiP, 23

Dan Phillips

Today at Pyromaniacs

To stay with the theme of inerrancy, Dan Phillips has some good words to share.

This all brings us to the Charismatic issue. The great achievement of modern Charismaticism is to dupe so many otherwise-fine people into letting Charismatics carve a niche for themselves where they can both promote themselves and avoid accountability.

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Word Of God

I yam what I yam...

Proverbs are wonderfully successful at being what they are: proverbs. They are not failed prophecies or systematic theologies.

Dan Phillips, GWiP, 21

Dan Phillips

Skill for fear...

…wisdom is skill for living in the fear of Yahweh.

Dan Phillips, GWiP, 11

Dan Phillips

Nothing to offer...

If anyone thinks that he has nothing to learn, then I am afraid that I have nothing to offer – nothing, that is, that such a one would want to receive.

Dan Phillips, GWiP, xvii

Dan Phillips