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Action 731 - Cauldron returns

Michelinie, Grummett and Rodier bring back Cauldron for a second round in Action 731 (March 1997).

Cauldron is a robotic clone, and has the ability to absorb all energy exerted on it, it just makes him stronger.  65 more words

Action 727 - looting as the world freezes

Action 727 (Nov. 96) has a great Final Night cover, but the story inside, Michelinie, Tom Grummett and Rodier, is really low-key.

With Perry ailing, Clark has taken over editing the paper.  68 more words

Action 710 - hunting Lois Lane

Michelinie, Guice and Rodier serve up another chapter in the Death of Clark Kent story arc, a really weak attempt to re-do the Death of Superman, as Conduit goes after Clark and his family and friends in Action 710 (June 1995). 68 more words

Action 709 - Guy Gardner attacks Superman

How easy it is to forget there was a period when Guy Gardner was half-alien, and had horrible tattoos and super-powers, and called himself Warrior.  But then one comes across Action 709 (April 1995), and the bad memories come flooding back. 130 more words

Action 705 - the Metropolis Special Crimes Unit vs Superman

Dead Again nears its conclusion in Action 705 (Dec. 94), by Michelinie, Guice and Rodier. Superman has stolen the corpse, and run every test on it that he can think of, but all evidence proves that it’s the body of Superman. 124 more words

Action 658 - Superman vs Sinbad

William Messner-Loebs, Curt Swan and Dennis Janke step in for an issue, as they conclude the Sinbad story arc in Action 658 (Oct. 90).

Young Davood Nassur gained super-powers after the meta-gene bomb explosion at the end of Invasion!, and this storyline follows his manipulation by Lexcorp.  170 more words

Action 645 - Maxima debuts

Maxima, a captivating new villain has a memorable debut in Stern, Perez and Breeding’s story in Action 645 (Sept. 89).

Maxima is silent until the final page of the story, travelling with a companion who gives her a lot of status.  152 more words