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Harvey Bullock vs Dan Turpin

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Turpin and Bullock were both some of the sharpest cops on the block back in their day. Unfortunately for Turpin, he had the unfortunate luck of going up against Darkseid, which stopped him from lasting longer. 41 more words


Adventures of Superman 569 - recruits for the SCU

Simonson, Morgan and Rodier introduce some new, super-powered members for the Special Crimes Unit in Adventures of Superman 569 (July 1999).

Riot makes a brief appearance right at the start of this issue. 94 more words

Adventures of Superman 552 - sucking the Parasite dry

Superman continues to have problems adjusting to his new powers in Adventures of Superman 552 (Nov. 97), by Kesel, Grummett and Rodier.

Intergang is featured in much of the story, as Boss Moxie sends his men to loot Lexcorp to get tech for Dabney Donovan.  134 more words

Adventures of Superman Annual 7 - Maggie Sawyer comes to town

Karl Kesel is joined by Ron Wagner and Josef Rubenstein on Adventures of Superman Annual 7, one of the Year One annuals.

This one contains the earliest appearance of Maggie Sawyer, a police officer from Star City, still married to her husband at this time.  128 more words

Adventures of Superman 519 - Lois asks a question

Kesel, Kitson and Mike Manly bring Dead Again to a conclusion in Adventures of Superman 519 (Jan.95), now that Brainiac has been revealed as the one behind the phony Superman. 214 more words

Adventures of Superman 491 -Metallo goes to the movies

Ordway, Grummett and Hazelwood being Cerberus, a significant terrorist organization from the pages of Superman – The Man of Steel, into Adventures of Superman with issue 491 (June 1992). 127 more words

Action 731 - Cauldron returns

Michelinie, Grummett and Rodier bring back Cauldron for a second round in Action 731 (March 1997).

Cauldron is a robotic clone, and has the ability to absorb all energy exerted on it, it just makes him stronger.  65 more words