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"A Day in the Life of Skippy the Droid"

I’ve been a fan of Star Wars since the age of 5 in 1977. I lived through the first wave of greatness and I was there in 1991, when it returned…. 1,198 more words

"Alden Ehrenreich IS the Young Han Solo!"

And there it is! Alden Ehrenreich IS (the new) Han Solo. I’ve been on the record since the giddy up about my reluctance for this as I have yet to feel the need for this film. 760 more words

"Shine More Light on the Dog"

My journey began in 1977, at age 5, at the now defunct drive-in watching “A New Hope” (it was just Star Wars at the time- but who cares?!) on a dark scratchy screen, with muffled speakers the size of a shoe box, my Dad cursing the lousy snack bar food and barely understanding a word they were saying.  2,034 more words

"Only What You Take With You"

My friend and colleague, Gerard, from TAOSWF, wrote a great article about the hate that has been spreading among the Star Wars fandom over the last several years. 966 more words