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8x06: Redrum

“This is the day we meet… something is happening to me… something I need to try to explain to you, to you both. I’m moving backward in time. 1,285 more words

The X-files

Television Nostalgia - Television's finest partnership - My favourite Mulder & Scully moments in The X-Files

With the possibility of a return for Agents Mulder and Scully on television, which I certainly hope is true, I’ve recently revisited some of my favourite episodes of this brilliant series. 2,245 more words


8x05: Invocation

“You know, these words: ‘Anomalous,’ ‘supernatural,’ ‘paranormal…’ They purport to explain something by not explaining it. It’s lazy.” — John Doggett

When a boy who has been missing for ten years suddenly reappears — exactly how he was — it is up to our agents to puzzle through these strange circumstances. 1,097 more words

The X-files

8x04: Roadrunners

“Him? That thing in my spine is a him?” — Dana Scully

Agent Scully has a pretty terrifying encounter with a slug that’s being worshipped as the second coming of Jesus. 1,140 more words

The X-files

8x03: Patience

“I have to admit, Agent Scully, I’m at a loss.” — John Doggett
“Well, that’s a good place to start.” — Dana Scully

Something wicked this way comes as Scully and Doggett work their first X-File together as partners. 1,233 more words

The X-files

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