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The X-Files: I Want to Believe

“That’s not my life any more.” — Dana Scully
“I know that.” — Fox Mulder
“You’re not understanding me. I can’t look into the darkness with you any more, Mulder. 2,265 more words

The X-files

News: X-Files Podcast

Kate from All That Geek is co-hosting a new podcast! Read More on allthatgeek.net


Before and After X: The Mythology of The X-Files

“We didn’t invent it. Charles Dickens invented it, in a sense, and I’m sure there are examples before him. It worked for us, but it was a happy accident. 1,310 more words

The X-files

The truth is still out there

I am so excited that the X-Files are making a comeback and that too with the original cast. As luck would have it, I am watching re-runs of the show. 85 more words

Random Thoughts

The Best and Worst of Season 9

It’s no secret that season nine is our least favorite season (and the least favorite of most X-Files fans). It wasn’t just because Mulder was gone or Scully was sidelined — the stories genuinely felt tired after a somewhat creatively boosted season eight. 616 more words

The X-files

The one episode of The X-Files I just couldn't stomach

After recently watching about 92 per cent of The X-Files, I totally understand the excitement around the return of the series to television.

The show that stars David Duchovny as Fox Mulder and Gillian Anderson as Dana Scully has the best parts of a police procedural with the characters’ feet dipped into the paranormal and the occult. 1,068 more words

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Saya selalu menjadi fans The X-Files. Kalo istilah apa bangetnya, saya Mulder-Scully shipper. Pertama kali menonton film ini waktu SMP, diputar tiap Rabu malam di stasiun televisi SC*V. 328 more words

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