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8x13: Per Manum

“No, I’m just trying to do my job, only it gets hard to do if the person you’re working with is keeping secrets and telling lies.” — John Doggett… 1,373 more words

The X-files

THE X-FILES - 1x19 - 'Shapes'


Directed by: DAVID NUTTER

Proof if ever it was needed that studio executives, ‘Shapes’—which time has not diminished as the nadir of… 428 more words

THE X-FILES - 1x18 - 'Miracle Man'



Directed by: MICHAEL LANGE

Religion turned out to play a big part in The X-Files and its underlying many themes concerning belief and faith, but the first season tended to avoid the overt Christian storylines later seasons would embrace, once… 462 more words

A roller coaster of sorts

The past several days have been full of ups and downs. Well, really just one down, but that one down was so heavy that it really weighed me down and got me feeling melancholy. 1,322 more words

Nicole Watches TV: The X-Files

In a world before Tumblr—what a scary thought—fandoms still found their way onto the internet. As a fan of popular culture in 2015, it’s hard to ignore the term “shipping.” In case you’ve been living under a rock, the act of shipping means you believe that two fictional characters are dating or should be dating. 530 more words

8x12: Medusa

“There is something down there and I am not going to risk bringing it up here before I figure out what it is!” — Dana Scully… 1,267 more words

The X-files

10 Things The X-Files Taught Me

The X-Files is back and I just can’t keep calm about it! I’ve been watching since I was six years old, and have waited thirteen years for new episodes, but I know without doubt it will be worth the wait. 2,838 more words

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