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8x19: Alone

“God, this really is an X-File, isn’t it?” — Leyla Harrison
“Congratulations.” — John Doggett

With Scully beginning her maternity leave, Doggett is left alone in the basement office… at least until a new face shows up with a case file. 1,197 more words

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The X-Files: Mulder and Scully's Incomparable Chemistry

Let me be clear about one thing right off the bat. As a lover of the English language I’m always searching for the exact right word to describe something, and I don’t use the word “incomparable” lightly. 452 more words

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8x18: Vienen

“A man can die out here, sir, just going for a walk.” — Bo Taylor

Mulder and Doggett get stuck on an oil rig where the crew has been infected by…. 1,262 more words

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8x17: Empedocles

“And I know what I saw. There’s a reason these things are happening. There is something at work here, and it all began with the man killed in the car crash.” — Monica Reyes… 1,365 more words

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8x16: Three Words

“Look, Scully, I need to make sense of what happened to me. So that I can stop it. Because if I can’t stop it, it could happen to anyone. 1,297 more words

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The X-Files: Unique Mulder Gifts

As promised, every week leading up to the X-Citing X-Files revival, I’m posting something nostalgic and with a certain paranormal bouquet. This week, let’s take a look back at some of the wonderfully unique gifts Mulder has given to Scully over the years. 1,297 more words

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I Have Seen Things That I Cannot Deny

Today, we’re gonna be continuing on with our now-series of X-Files articles- first up was everyone’s favorite Assistant Director, Assistant Director Walter S. Skinner. Next, we talked a little bit about how to turn people into alien super soldiers, as seen in seasons 8 and 9. 578 more words

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