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Kiss My Gl(Ass) Ceiling: Sexual Harrassment On the Job

Once again you guys are spared an Outlaw Mama story about the time she was standing next to a live microphone at a reception at her law firm, when she decided to talk some smack about her supervisor.  1,032 more words

Cookies, Cajuns and Cause for Celebration

There’s a lot going on today, which is fantastic because I have no childcare and my little one won’t nap.  Also, there’s a hole in the pocket of my winter coat, so I keep “losing” my phone and my keys because they fall through the hole and get stuck in the lining.  328 more words

Blog Renovations, and Why I Can't Just Pick a Profile Pic

I’ve got two big blog milestones on my horizon, and I’m psyched about both of them. 1) I’m a mere thirteen posts away from my 100th post. 479 more words


My Dad, the "Radio Stud"

When I was thinking of things to blog about today, my thoughts naturally went to Father’s Day. I thought perhaps I’d compile a list of cool Father’s Day movies, a recipe to cook for your dad, or perhaps even my observation from Twitter traffic of late about the number of people I follow who find it difficult to find Father’s Day cards, since there are no mad-at-your-dad-for-________ cards. 806 more words


How I Spent My CSAcation: Swiss Chard

I’ll tell you how I spent my CSAcation this week:  rolling my eyes, slurping up delicious, salty Swiss chard greens, smothered in melted Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, and repeating a mantra of, “Holy crap, this is awesome!” 914 more words


Personal Peach Pies (Because Everything Is Cuter in Miniature)

It’s true. Think about it:  baby shoes are way more adorable than grown-up ones. Santa Claus figurines manage to make a jolly, belly-jiggling old man positively adorable. 906 more words