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Patrick Stewart in Drag is Kellyanne Conway

Last year Patrick Stewart dressed in drag as a stunt to promote his show “Blunt Talk.”

Now the pictures of him dressed up like a woman are going viral because someone came across them and noticed he kind of looks like… 153 more words


BEFORE & AFTER: Jen Cleaned the Office Microwaves

I would like to personally thank Jen Richer for taking the time and the initiative to clean the CBS Radio office microwaves. It was so nice to heat up my eggs this morning without worrying about someone else’s chunk of dried meat sauce from 3 weeks ago falling onto my breakfast. 198 more words


Lamar Odom's 'One Regret' in Khloe Kardashian Marriage

Lamar Odom just did an interview with Us Weekly and said he only has one regret when it comes to his relationship with Khloe Kardashian… 187 more words



A recent article on indiewire talks about the new ways that filmmakers have been jumping on in releasing their films. Streaming is of course the latest move that filmmakers are taking to get their films out fast and successfully. 119 more words


Sean Spicer Holds Press Conference with Food in His Teeth, Twitter Goes Wild

Sean Spicer held a White House press conference on Monday with a big chunk of what appears to be lettuce or spinach in his teeth! 274 more words


See What Eminem's Daughter Hailie Looks Like Now

Eminem wrote quite a few songs about his ex-wife Kim Mathers and their daughter Hailie.

She’s 21 now and her “all grown up” pictures are going viral because an Eminem fan discovered her on Instagram. 149 more words


Jewelry Store Under Fire for 'Throw Rocks at Girls' Billboard

Is it ever OK to throw rocks at girls?

It is according to a North Carolina jewelry store.

Spicer Green Jewelers is facing serious backlash after this new billboard went up. 205 more words