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Cheero Power Plus Danboard Ver. Power Bank

The last time I bought a portable charger was in late 2014, and with a switch to a larger phone and more frequent travels, I decided that it was time for me to invest in a new one. 505 more words



Actually I’ve taken this a long time ago, but I’ve had busy days and it made me didn’t post for a long time. I love danbo, it’s really good for being taken as photography. Really. ^^


New anime features Nyanbo, the adorable box-shaped cardboard cat

Cats love cardboard boxes, so why not combine the two and create a cute new lineup of adorable characters? 297 more words


Apple and Danbo

You are the apple of my eye…


Photo montage of Cancun - Day 3

I took both Danbo and Sonny Angel out today. Some more obligatory beach photos, but I added footprints this time (probably not enough though)! The hotel also gave us this plate. 192 more words


Danbo travels 

I managed to really get away from it all (if only for a few days), and am now checking in to say hello from the warmer side. 146 more words