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practice with the mirror!

In fact, all our life can be premeditated and practiced in front of the mirror. Yet people who decide to do so are generally frowned upon. 242 more words

для всех

Leo Dicaprio is Having Too Much Fun at Coachella 2015

Feast your eyes on what soon could become a new meme: Leo Dicaprio’s Coachella 2015 dance moves.

The actor was spotted at the Neon Carnival this past weekend busting some pretty cringe-worthy moves. 113 more words


Get Your Grove On With These Easy Dance Moves

Here are some quick instructions to “Crank That”

Do you ever wish you were a better dancer? Ever want to show off your moves at a party but fear that everyone will laugh at you? 348 more words

Blog Assignment #3 : Jamaica Music

Q3) The dance is not just an event; it is a system of rules and codes, an institution (Stanley-Niaah, p.110).
Do you agree with the author’s views? 398 more words

Frank Kaminsky and His White Dance Moves Are You Trying To Sex Up Girls In the Club This Weekend

As if you needed another reason to root against UK. Classic enemy of my enemy is my friend type situation.


VIRAL VIDEO: Kid In Crowd Dances Face Off At B Ball Game

Get it kid, get it!!! Love to see the confidence of kids getting their groove on. Wonder if this guy practiced his dance or just let it out as it came to him. 33 more words