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Bugs Bunny Knows How To Do The Whip!

What’s The Whip, you ask? Well, it’s a dance move that all the kids are doing these days!

You lift one leg up along with the opposite arm. 165 more words


PADS Saturday--Grandpa Pushes It Good!

As the nearby “Cabin Fire” has us coughing and staying inside, I thought I’d cheer myself (and you) up with a PADS Saturday.  What is a PADS Saturday you ask?  194 more words

Are dance classes useful?

What’s the goal of a person who goes there? There are two: to enjoy dancing and to meet new people. You don’t have to come with a partner, pretty much every class has a rotation of partners. 646 more words

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These dance moves...

I saw Future Islands perform at Pitchfork Musical Festival in Chicago recently, and not only can I not get their music out of my head, I also can’t get enough of these dance moves…Samuel T. 29 more words


Local 12 Anchor Bob Herzog's White Dance Moves Are Everything You Should Aspire To Be This Weekend

CREAMCHEESE, BRO! Even Mitt Romney sees this guy and thinks look at this white ass motherfucker. I’m pretty sure it’s scientifically impossible to get any whiter than busting out the swim move to jazz hands dance combo… 112 more words