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Happy Birthday Brittney

The first time I heard Britney Spears it was on a casette tape my newly appointed best friend played for me on my parents boom box in the backyard of my freshly minted childhood home. 559 more words

*~Tiffany's Dance Moves!! Bahaha~*

Heres video 1 and 2, I give Tiffany props for her confidence but this is hilarious!!!!😂😂😂

1. Love Letters : Choreographed Group Dances from the late 90's - early 00's

Dear Choreographed Group Dances from the late 90’s – early 00’s,

I just wanted to write to say…

Before you get the wrong idea about this I’m not talking about insanely good choreography and if you’re expecting me to mention Beyonce’s ‘Single Ladies’ or Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ then you’ve gone way too far into the past or future. 674 more words

Love Letters Loveletters Feature


Today was a “Loud music and killer dance moves in my active wear” kinda day at home.

It’s not because I now skipped the Monday walks because of ceramics workshops that my active wear has to be neglected, they only see the light of day once a week… I’m not that cruel! 107 more words

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Grinding is Dead, Let's Keep it That Way

Lets briefly flash back to your first high school dance. There you are, at your buddy’s house, getting ready to go meet for homecoming photos. Talking about what girls you hope will let you rub your sweaty pubescent body against them for… hopefully 2+ songs. 570 more words


Sick Dance Moves

Whip, Dab, Nae Nae, Dougie.

To some these may seem like random words but most likely, you recognize these as popular dance moves. Some might even say viral dance moves. 385 more words

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Music | Midnight Phunk Ft. Jamilah Barry - Northface

Midnight Phunk has dropped his latest single, ‘Northface’ – a track that adheres to his “King Left” nickname and also features Jamilah Barry.

The pair continues their musical association – previously seen on Jamilah’s… 56 more words