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Bonus episode: Barak Heymann, Producer of Mr. Gaga


Jessica caught Tomer and Barak Heymann (the Producer and Film Director duo of Heymann Brothers Films) after a Q&A at Film Society of Lincoln Center while promoting the release of… 110 more words

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Dance on Film: Finding Meaning in Movement // Melbourne International Film Festival

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Before words could be spoken on film, there was dance.

It began in 1896 with the Lumière brothers’ short film The Serpentine Dance. 1,005 more words

HANOVER LINES - Alexander Stevenson

Physical performance exploring Hanover Line abberation on PAL testcards, shot on SVHS video.

Hanover Line Video Still

The set – day of Shooting

Incredibly interesting day learning about analogue filming – part of a year long research project by Alexander Stevenson. 32 more words


We spoke to Marta Renzi, choreographer and director of Honeymoon, a hot short film with a surprising twist featuring dancers Carlos Gonzalez and Tina Vasquez. She gave us a sneak peek into her inspiration and process behind the film before we saw it on the big screen.  7 more words

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Each year, the Dance on Camera Festival at Lincoln Center screens one Work-in-Progress. through the Dance Film Association‘s Production Grant, Alexandra Shilling’s latest video project  50 more words

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Flamenco is one of the world’s few art forms that is believed to be passed down exclusively through bloodlines. For Barcelona’s Gypsy community, it can’t be learned at a school or on paper. 87 more words

Pod De Deux Podcast Episodes

DOCF: Ballerina Program 1: "Body and Soul"

Audience members of all ages shared their love for Natalia Makarova after a screening of her self-directed Ballerina Program 1: Body and Soul–the first section of a four part BBC Documentary series. 22 more words

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