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Dance Is Story In Motion!

Greetings loves!

In February, I had the pleasure of savoring an Afro-Brazilian dance performance, one performed by the only professional folk dance company in all of Brazil. 201 more words

Claudia Moss

#Dance #Choreography by #Creative #Director Jamaal R. James

This was a little solo piece of dance created by Creative Director Jamaal R. James for James Creative Arts And Entertainment Company.

Creative Arts

#Dance #Choreography by Belle Jessen for #JCAAEC

This was another cool solo performance by Belle Jessen. The dance was nice. Smooth movement but still very emotive expressive emotion. Enjoy the dance. Coming to an event near you.

Creative Arts

Review: Androgén

Androgén is a 50-minute duet and the second full-length piece choreographed by Tibor Trulik. It is performed by Tibor Trulik and Jakub Jeňo. As the name suggests the work makes reference to themes of masculinity, manhood, manliness, strength and virility. 886 more words


Fractured Perspectives

Rehearsing for our interactive video artwork, “Fractured Perspectives: Movement and Light” that we will present in London this summer at EVA.

Created in collaboration with prOphecy Sun, Steve DiPaola, and Reese Muntean.  7 more words


Cool Quadcopter “Costumes” from Verity Lab

I’m not a gigantic fan of ever-more-ubiquitous quadcopters. They are annoying little beasts, crude, buzzy, and ugly. The main use cases so far have no appeal (Selfies? 329 more words