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Performance & Social Activism In Theatre: Bangarra's Patyegarang & Barking Gecko's The Rabbits

‘One must speak of a struggle for a new culture, that is, for a new moral life that cannot but be intimately connected to a new intuition of life, until it becomes a new way of feeling and seeing reality and, therefore, a world intimately ingrained in “possible artists” and “possible works of art”’.1 (A.

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Aerobics! - Ein Ballett in 3 Akten by Paula Rosolen

Bright spandex tights, thong leotards, and of course matching leg warmers and sweatbands. No Dad, I will not be reviewing the Call On Me music video, and ironically this stereotypical description could not be further from… 264 more words


Plage Romantique & The Goldlandbergs by Emanuel Gat

Closing the International Summer Lab with a bang, Emanuel Gat and company presented Plage Romantique and The Goldlandbergs on the 12th and 13th of September at Frankfurt LAB. 590 more words


Performing Archives: Dancing Encryption?

Archiving is an interesting and, to me, tricky intellectual enterprise. Generally speaking, archives seek to preserve a record of our culture, as much as possible, as best as possible. 902 more words


Pindorama by Lia Rodrigues

Forming barriers, two rows of towels divided the large black rectangular space as audience members positioned themselves on the outer areas of the towels. Two performers entered into the divided strip, one carrying a thick precisely folded package of clear material, the other following closely behind. 648 more words


#colour_collective Indian Red: 'Her Special Moment' #illustration #kidlitart

This week I am late for last Friday’s #colour_collective Twitter event with Indian Red that reminded me of Indian weddings, the Sindoor powder, Indian dance, Indian culture and food… 197 more words


Performing Place: A Conversation with Sioned Huws

Invited by the Nottingham based international centre Dance4 I recently took part in an online conversation with choreographer and performer Sioned Huws. Originally from Bangor in north Wales, Sioned has been working for a number of years with community groups in northern Japan, helping to record, preserve and promote traditional forms of dance, such as the Kakinaizawa Shishi-odori (deer dance), which was the focus of our discussion here. 90 more words