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How to Be a Dancing Star

Early in the movie Swing Time, the camera zooms in on a sign that hangs from the Gordon Dance Academy where Penny, played by Ginger Rogers, teaches dance. 315 more words

Grand Jete & Saut de Chat

Leaping across the stage is a dancers chance to fly, there are no other steps like it giving dancers hang time in the air. Leaps must elongate the body showing energy from the tips of the fingers down through the tips of the toes. 607 more words


Can virtual dance corrections improve your technique?

Can virtual dance corrections improve your technique?
Dance Informa Magazine

While technology, social media, and the Internet have allowed for greater communication and distribution of ideas, they have also hindered personal human interaction and experience in everyday life. 1,491 more words

Dance Informa Magazine


It’s been weeks of almost no exercise, combined with far too much food/snacks. As a result, the blog has been sorely neglected – I’m not good at dealing with things not going exactly according to plan, far less actually writing about it. 824 more words


Getting So Much Better All The Time

This past Friday night Lord Junior had taken on the responsibility of teaching the Hustle class, much to his chagrin (the man really dislikes Hustle for some reason). 1,950 more words


The Importance of Creative Movement

At the end of my Mama & Me dance class last week one of the mothers asked me when I was going to begin teaching some “moves” to the students. 393 more words

Walking Like Each Other's Ghosts Around These Silent Streets

This being New Year’s Day and all (again, I’m putting this up on a holiday. I must either be crazy, or I enjoy this way more than I let on…), I suppose it’s only fitting to spend a moment reflecting on how the last year in dance has gone. 2,087 more words