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Creativity and Corpus Callosum

As a practical matter, the right-hemisphere myth is a little nonsense because virtually no one has a split brain. The two halves of our brain are connected by an immense structure called the corpus callosum, and the hemispheres also communicate through the sense organs. 90 more words


a look back at my travels...

I’ve realized something cool. I’ve actually done a good amount of traveling around the world over the past 3 years through dance opportunities, teaching, traveling with friends, or vacationing with family. 274 more words

Armed Forces Entertainment

Events: August - October

Beyond Education founded by the ambitious and bright Micheala Whitely are hosting their launch event on 22nd August 2015. This event has been designed to equip, encourage and empower young women in areas of self development! 184 more words

Week 1 - #8. Common Cliche' Phrase

My husband and I have a real estate client/friend who is a professional dancer. We were so happy today when she invited us to attend the Florida State Dance Sport Championships downtown at the Ritz Carlton. 126 more words

52-Week Photo Challenge

Is Street vs. Stage on SYTYCD working for you?

Hi everyone.  Did you see last Monday’s episode of SYTYCD?  We are disappointed because the dancers are not growing as much as we had hoped. Meanwhile, the dance styles seem to blend together because they all have some form of hiphop or animation in them.   74 more words


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[caption id="attachment_3661" align="alignleft" width="300"]SYTYCD Twitch and Alison photo Stephen "Twitch" Boss and Allison Holiker (Boss)[/caption] I've been a fan of So You Think You Can Dance since it first came on ten years (12 seasons) ago. But this year I am extremely disappointed in both the format and the dancers. The dances all seem the same and the dancers aren't growing because of it. Ran across this post and had to reblog it. These two gals said it all.

Strip Tease Collection

Check out this pair of super #HotStuff girls and their strip tease skills! Video from Cheesecake Ecstacy