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Purity Ring- "Asido"

Even now, some five years after their debut, it seems semi-improbably that Purity Ring are still making music. Not that Megan James and Corin Roddick don’t have the talent or ability to keep going, they certainly do. 162 more words



ZUMBA! ZUMBA! We all are tired of hearing this name as it’s very very common now a day. And out of 10 people at least 7 go for zumba fitness program no wonder why as it plays a major role in the weight loss journey of many of them so now why not you be the part of such an amazing dancing fitness program. 341 more words


Entrepreneur - theory of dream

Once upon a time, there was an individual who dreamt to be big. See self in all posters of the country.  The easiest route was to become an actor. 332 more words

Good Vibrations

Originally written in April for Psychics Foretell.  

How messed up is it that I have lived parts of my life as if everyone’s opinion carries greater weight than my own.   501 more words

Careful What You Wish For

Does anyone remember how I was all like «Damn, I thought physio would be exercises but it’s all massage, so awkward, halp»? Rejoice, my readers, and rejoice, my past self, because the 25 minutes of slightly awkward massage have been replaced by an hour and fifteen minutes of grueling exercise. 618 more words