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47 Movie Blogs #10 – 8 Film Pet Peeves

Today’s topic is my pet peeves with movie – 8 things that I don’t like in movies, and which I can tend to get on my soapbox about how much they annoy me. 2,414 more words


Deuteronomy 22:6-7 - Dances With Wolves, Starbucks, Trash, And The Little Commands of God!

Deuteronomy 22:6-7

Treatment of Animals

One of my favorite movies of all time is Dances With Wolves. It is a revealing look at the culture of the Lakota tribe of the Sioux nation of native Americans in contrast to the American culture with its origins in western Europe. 1,332 more words

Book Of Deuteronomy

Dances with Wolves

“I had never really known who John Dunbar was. Perhaps because the name itself had no meaning. But as I heard my Sioux name being called over and over, I knew for the first time who I really was.” 885 more words

Little story on the big prairie: Costner's "Open Range" and the modern Western.

This article originally appeared on MovieRob’s blog, here.

I was invited to do this article by MovieRob for his Genre Grandeur series for January, which focuses on period (as opposed to contemporary setting) Westerns. 1,160 more words


Review: GoodFellas

Directed by Martin Scorsese

Certificate 18

Starring Robert De Niro, Ray Liotta, Joe Pesci, Lorraine Bracco, Paul Sorvino

Released 20th January 2017

I rarely use the word ‘masterpiece’.  755 more words

Film Review

Native American lifestyle

The hunter-gatherer lifestyle of Native Americans persisted right into the nineteenth century and ran parallel to the industrial age. The different tribes had frequently been at war with one another, and atrocities were committed between them as well as upon white settlers, and yet the idyll of their lives persists in literature, films, songs and every kind of cultural representation. 603 more words

Native Americans

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gives it to the crown prince.

the cartographer tells the

royal adviser, who is also in the room,

that there is no… 32 more words