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Movie Review- Black Robe

Black Robe- 1991; Directed by Bruce Beresford

Too often great films are overshadowed… by inferior productions with slicker marketing, more funding, and appearances by A-list stars.  212 more words


The Postman (1997)

2016.62: The Postman (Amazon VOD)

Watching The Postman…. well, if nothing else, it demonstrates how tricky it obviously is to make something as successful, artistically and financially, as… 756 more words


Greg Nicotero On ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 7: “It’s Going To Get A Lot Worse Before It Gets Better” - AwardsLine

For the seventh year in a row, Greg Nicotero is celebrating an Emmy nom. Nicotero brings his unique brand of special effects makeup to AMC’s The Walking Dead, producing some of the most elaborate zombie gore ever seen on screen. 1,295 more words


Can the Westerns Genre Thread the Gender Gap Needle?

The big box office news this past weekend was the big decline in ticket sales for Suicide Squad and the strong opening for Sausage Party. But, without much fanfare, the best performing movie of the weekend was Hell or High Water, a modern day Western. 509 more words


Dances with Wolves (1990, Kevin Costner)

From the start, director Costner embrues Dances with Wolves with melancholic tragedy. Even as Costner’s protagonist–a Union soldier reassigned to the frontier–travels west, seeing startling natural beauty, which Costner and cinematographer Dean Semler visualize carefully, enthusiastically, perfectly, there’s dread. 685 more words


The Most Interesting Man in the World

No, not that guy selling beer. That guy was a made up role.

This guy was the real thing. In my book this guy is the most interesting man in the world. 1,024 more words

Honoring Chief Bald Eagle

by K. L. Parry

I started my morning listening to a song. One Tin Soldier, by The Original Castle had been one of my favorite songs during the early 70’s at a time when I had just begun to come into some understanding of the world around me, and idealistically, my place in that world. 590 more words