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Dances With Wolves Critical Review and Summary

Dances with Wolves is a surprisingly accurate account of white and Native relations during the time period. It tells the fictional story of a white soldier named John Dunbar who encounters the Sioux tribe during the Civil War. 331 more words

Top 5 Worst Movies Ever

Top 5 Worst Movies of All-Time

So how does one define the worst of anything exactly? And in the case of movies, where there are literally thousands upon thousands of options, is it even fair to narrow the list to a simple five? 1,941 more words

Top 5 List

Two Socks

Because I am involved in several different projects that fill me up with great delight, I wanted to simply share with you two things that came colliding into my awareness this week. 267 more words

Sunday Morning Meditations

A tip of the hat to Neil Travis

The name Neil Travis may not ring a bell.

But Kevin Costner is a household name.

They both¬†won Oscars in 1990 for their work on… 469 more words


I, Love, Excel - What can you do with VLOOKUP

Black Shawl: She has found love again.

Kicking Bird: With who?

Black Shawl: Dances with Wolves.

Kicking Bird: Are you certain of this?

Black Shawl: When you see them together you will know. 1,656 more words

Hahahahaha, Saya Sedang Iseng.... :D

You'd Be Surprised at What Serves as Props in Kevin Costner's Movies

Every movie has lead characters. Sometimes they have a strong supporting cast, themes and settings. Almost always, they have props. One of Kevin’s most recent interviews, with the CBC, covers a lot of territory about his moviemaking, and I came away with a startling realization¬†about Kevin’s approach to movie making. 917 more words

Catching Up With Kevin

Best Picture Winners Graded: Worst to Best

  1. Dances with Wolves

The 1990 film Dances with Wolves, directed by and starring Kevin Costner, was written by Michael Blake. In addition to directing and starring in the film, Costner also produced this, for want of a better word, monstrosity. 275 more words