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Video: What a White Savior is and Why it's a Problem

The white savior is a literary and cinematic trope portraying a white character rescuing people of color from their plight. Critics have observed this narrative in an array of genres in American cinema; however, the white-savior narrative pre-dates the invention of cinema and is derived in large part from poems and novels created by British colonial writers, such as Rudyard Kipling. 273 more words

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#1 Best Westerns: Dances With Wolves



Kevin Costner, Mary McDonnell, Rodney A. Grant, Graham Greene, and Floyd Red Crow Westerman


Kevin Costner


Highest grossing western of all time. 115 more words


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This past week I continued my Kevin Costner-athon by devoting a couple of evenings to Dances with Wolves. It took me two nights to finish it because I decided to watch the extended version which is nearly four hours long, and my couch is as old as this movie – so it can only accommodate my rear for two hours at a time before I go numb in the hindquarters. 911 more words

Kevin Costner

Dances With Wolves Film Analysis

Dances with Wolves

The film Dances with Wolves was a passion project of director and actor, Kevin Costner. I am inspired by prominent figures in Hollywood who go out of their way to embody important stories on the big screen, especially the stories of discriminated groups without a voice. 945 more words

Confessions of A Film Lover Tag

Now I have watched a lot of films but there are quite a few classics I have not watched. But instead of listing my favourite films I thought I would do a tag about films. 1,018 more words

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Movie Review- Black Robe

Black Robe- 1991; Directed by Bruce Beresford

Too often great films are overshadowed… by inferior productions with slicker marketing, more funding, and appearances by A-list stars.¬† 212 more words