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Guns and Beer, Beer and Guns in Texas

I’ve been quite busy doing other things since I got back from Waco, Texas a couple of weeks ago. While I was there, some bad things happened with some people who happened to have guns (bikers and police) at a place that happened to sell beer (Twin Peaks). 36 more words


Beer News For The Week Of April 22, 2012

by Steven Doyle

Beer continues to pourĀ  freely through the streets of Dallas and we have a bit of news that should prove interesting to those that enjoy a good craft beer. 366 more words

Steven Doyle

Home Town Spirit

I don’t have much in the way of insightful thoughts these days, so I’ll share an update on normal life. Chris and I, the same Chris included on the Blogroll to the right, hit up a local pub tonight to talk about books, religion, and politics. 360 more words

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