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This Kid Dancing At The Kings Game Is Your New Best Friend

For some reason, timeouts during NBA games just make people dance. I don’t know if it’s the music playing or the belly full of nachos, but there are always people who like to boogie. 60 more words


This Young Kings Fan Shows Us All How To Let Loose And Get Down On The Dance Cam

To be caught on the dance cam at NBA games is to be caught facing your greatest fear: There you are, in the spotlight, on the big screen with everyone in the arena fixated on what you’re gonna do.  176 more words


Torrey Smith Jr. gets right back at it, keeps Nae Nae-ing, hits his Quan

We already knew Torrey Smith’s son had the moves, but I don’t think any of us truly knew the depth of his repertoire. On Monday, Torrey Smith posted a video of Junior doing the Nae Nae once again, but this time adding his own interpretation of hitting his Quan. 26 more words


Watch This Young Man Keep A Stadium Crowd Entertained With His Wonderful Dance Moves

Meet Peyton “Peanut” Henderson. Last week at Kentucky’s High School State Basketball tournament, this charismatic young man busted out some spectacular dance moves, providing all the entertainment that people in the stands could ask for during breaks in the action. 65 more words


VIDEO: The Newest Dancing Kid To Make You Smile

A kid at a high school basketball tournament has gone viral with his dance to Pharrell’s “Happy.” The tournament was last weekend in Kentucky, and it will make you happy. 43 more words


Dancing Kid Steals Show At Pens-Panthers Game

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – The Pens beat the Panthers 5-1 last night, but everyone appears to be more excited about a dancing kid at the game. 116 more words