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Oktoberfest, Greenbelt, Maryland, October 14, 2017

Earlier this month I caught this horrendous cold that literally flattened me the first few days. (The cold lasted around three weeks and I’m only recently starting to feel human again.) I was tired so much of the time that I managed to miss out on this year’s Utopia Film Festival. 79 more words


The Dancing Queen

Years before, when tosakin was rare in my country, I was lucky to have some. Yet, the breeding of them was not successful. As the fishes got older, I got worried about losing them with no offspring. 463 more words

Dancing Queen

Entry 698: Projected Profits

Today I have big news for fans of the band ABBA: they’re going out on tour!

Starting in 2019, you’ll be able to go to an arena near you and see the iconic Swedish group perform with a live orchestra, and live back-up singers and live 70-year-old fans dancing spasmodically (and perhaps fatally) in the aisles to “Super Trouper.” 579 more words


One Thousand Recordings - ABBA - Gold

Tonight, we begin a new aspect of Aloha Promises Forever.

We are going to explore recordings that it is said that we should all hear before we die. 364 more words

Dance like no-one is watching

My daughter dances with such abandon, it’s infectious. Whenever she hears music, she raises her tiny arms way up into the sky, gracefully swaying her little frame, and makes gentle woooooo wooooo sounds. 354 more words