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Saying Goodbye To A Rebel...

If ever there was a Rebel in a Tutu it was Jacqui, the landlady of our local pub, who died suddenly last week at the age of 56. 297 more words


Burnes' Turns: September 16-23

As to be expected, this week’s picks draw heavily from Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest Songs of All Time, but there’s also a piano piece that defined my Summer, and one of my Top 2 picks for Best Song of 2015. 425 more words

The Soundtrack Online

Cosmic Girls and Pledis Girlz - Dancing Queen (CC Game)

Seola | Xuan Yi | Bona | Exy | Soobin | Luda | Dawon | Eunseo | Cheng Xiao | Mei Qi | Yeoreum | Dayoung | Yeonjung… 365 more words

Cc Game

Five songs through generations to get you through your worst days!

“And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music” – Friedrich Nietzsche.

Don’t we all have days when we’ve burnt our toast in the morning, had a car splash extraordinary amount of sludge on our somewhat new boots, made a terrible mistake at work and had a happy bird do its business on your tired shoulders. 527 more words

The Big 1-7

My birthday, day of birth, day I graced the Earth with my presence, is tomorrow.

I feel like every week I’ve learned something about life, the world, or myself and changed just a little more. 124 more words