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You're Not Alone

The forest was mystical this afternoon. When I arrived, I was immediately taken back by the utter stillness of it all.  There was barely any noise to speak of, just the occasional crow cawing in the distance, a solitary insect would chirp for a second or two, but perhaps frightened by the sound of its lone voice, it would cease almost immediately.   594 more words


Have You Ever Asked a Tree to Dance?

Have You Ever Asked a Tree to Dance?

I just came in from a walk with my dog. It was raining a little while ago and I love the greens of the world soon after a rain fall and the air is pure and wholesome. 349 more words


Dancing Trees

Have you ever seen dancing trees? Did it make you want to sit and watch or stand and join in on the dance. The movement of the trees were so fluid. 45 more words

Muslim Fiction

Dancing Trees - the final story, may be not.......

It is done – this was the state of it this morning- It lacked finesse and coherence. The canopies seemed flat and too simplistic, the trunks did not seem to support them, and as for the background……. 336 more words

Textile Art

28 March

Dancing trees

one of several in the Troll forest

A Photo A Day

Dancing Trees

A submission for an old art competition in school.


mirrored in the pond

mirrored in the pond

drab leafless trees come to life

dance on gleaming sky

* * *

To see trees dancing on the sky, click on photo. 11 more words