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Add Some Grit To Your 5E D&D

5th Edition D&D is a game that starts off as survival horror, where anything you encounter can murder you and you are scraping for basic supplies, and very quickly becomes a game where it is very difficult to die and gold has no meaning. 1,072 more words


The Thirteenth Hour Podcast #209: "Empty Hands" Reading - Elemental Alignments

Episode #209: Empty Hands Reading – Elemental Alignments


This week, I’m reading a short excerpt from the martial arts novella, Empty Hands, as a follow up to last week’s episode on the Dungeons and Dragons influences.  1,583 more words


The Thirteenth Hour Podcast #208: "Empty Hands" Behind the Scenes Part 4 and Musical Interludes

Episode #208: Empty Hands Behind the Scenes Part 4 and Musical Interludes


This week, we’re discussing Empty Hands behind the scenes, specifically the influence of Dungeons and Dragons and the character creation process.  610 more words


My D&D 5E House Rules

Updated a bit, so this is a re-post. Yay!

I’ve written up a ton of hacks and house rules, and I’ve been given some thought to what house rules I would use if I could use any I like. 1,578 more words


D&D 5E with Clockwork: Dominion Initiative

For my friend Zeke.

The idea here is just to figure out a way to use the initiative system of Clockwork: Dominion with 5th Edition D&D for two reasons: one, that the initiative system for Clockwork is awesome, and two, because Zeke said it probably couldn’t be done. 1,060 more words


RPG Mechanics Round-Up #10: All 5E D&D

10!? Really? Yeah, and more are coming.

Mundane/Crossover Backgrounds

I’ve been listening to Dungeons and Daddies, a mostly-non-BDSM actual play podcast. It’s hilarious and really well done. 964 more words


Season 11 - Episode 10 - Little Miss Information


Grot and Dante are still skulking and scheming. That is their default setting to be fair. If they are not skulking then they’re scheming, and if you can’t see them scheming you can bet they’ll be skulking. 54 more words