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Jill Stein: American People are in Revolt, Rejecting the Two Dominant Parties

Dandelion Salad

with Jill Stein

RT America on Aug 23, 2016

Green Party presidential nominee Dr. Jill Stein joins RT America’s Lindsay France in the FishTank for an in-depth discussion on Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, the pay-to-play atmosphere in Washington, and why Americans are fed up with the two major parties.

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Stephen Fry has an Argument with God by Rocket Kirchner

by Rocket Kirchner
Writer, Dandelion Salad
Rocket Kirchner (blog)
Rocket Kirchner (youtube channel)
August 22, 2016

Stephen Fry has an argument with God. In an interview he was asked what would he say to God as he approached the pearly gates. 775 more words


Abby Martin: Chevron vs. The Amazon - The Environmental Trial of the Century, Part 2

Dandelion Salad

with Abby Martin

teleSUR English on Aug 21, 2016

In Part II of this three-part series, The Empire Files continues the investigation into the battle between Chevron Texaco and Ecuador.

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Chris Hedges: The Destructive Ideology of Capitalism

Dandelion Salad

with Chris Hedges

RT Shows on Aug 21, 2016

On this week’s episode of On Contact, Chris Hedges enters the capitalist labyrinth with Rob Urie, author of Zen Economics.

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Hillary The Hawk and Wall Street Promoter by Ralph Nader

Dandelion Salad

by Ralph Nader
The Nader Page
August 19, 2016

There is a growing asymmetry between the media’s mounting demands for Donald Trump to release his tax returns (Hillary has done so) and their diminishing demands that Hillary Clinton release the secret transcripts of her $5000 per minute speeches before closed-door banking conferences and other business conventions. 782 more words


Ralph Nader: Dispelling the Myth of the 2000 Election (repost)

Dandelion Salad

Originally posted on Dec. 20, 2013

with Ralph Nader

TheRealNews on Dec 20, 2013

Ralph Nader and Paul Jay discuss Ralph’s decision to stay in the Florida race and what an electoral strategy could be now.

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