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The Dandelions

The Dandelion – considered by most a noxious weed, but is indeed a flower, with some varieties being very beneficial and have many diverse uses. Who knew? 588 more words


Dandelion & Burdock



The development from flower to seeds.

By the way, I saw IKEA are selling a lamp inspired by this dandelion seed ball. It’s called MASKROS Pendant lamp.


little happy things in the kitchen

A few things that have been making me happy in the kitchen this week:

A vegetarian cookbook for children is a rare thing. This one is beautiful, not full of baking stuff, instead it has a small collection of dishes that can actually be meals not just desert. 148 more words

The Endless Task

Weeding! Of all the tasks that need doing, this is the one job I have no enthusiasm for. I know, it has to be done. We spend months sowing seeds then nurturing the young plants, putting them into their final growing positions, watering them in, feeding them. 433 more words



Now spring is in full bloom I’ve been wanting to make a cocktail using wild flowers, at first I was going to either use buttercups or bluebells but luckily I did research first and both are poisonous, I went back to the drawing board and remembered about a common plant which is edible, the dandelion! 102 more words


Wild One

She is free, unbroken
with a spirit that calls to you
She dances in the dark
and makes music with fire,
creating sparks
that you want to feel… 66 more words