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Weekly Photo Challenge: Overlooked

Some weeks I feel inspired and find lots to take photos of…I spend time outdoors, exploring the beauty of the natural world.  And some weeks, like this one, I feel a bit overwhelmed with the responsibilities in my life and it seems like a stretch to find anything at all interesting to photograph. 512 more words


Floral Crochainting - part 1!

This is inspired by Pukado’s Let’s Make It! crochet and canvas post for March. Until I painted up a couple of canvases with tester pots for a house I’m helping (in a very small way) to decorate I had no idea whether or not I’d do this make, but now they’re painted they just seem to be calling for some crochainting to happen. 677 more words


Dandelion Wine

“It’s the way God runs the world.”
Tom thought about this for a moment.
“He’s all right, Doug,” said Tom. “He tries.”

-Ray Bradbury, Dandelion Wine