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Hidden Beauty

Weeds are flowers, too, once you get to know them.

A.A. Milne

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We’ve been making hazel hurdles, to replace the rotting stakes and rope used to divide the physic garden. The planting plan for this garden separates medicinal from culinary herbs; for childbirth and children’s diseases; for rheumatism, gout and painful joints; for depression, insomnia and nightmares; for the heart, lungs and blood disorders; for wounds and broken bones; for digestion, stomach and liver; for the head, hair and skin; for ears, eyes and teeth; for animal husbandry; for the household. 945 more words



A humble dandelion,
Growing, Blooming, Closing, Flying,

It’s seed must be planted under the soil,
For in this dark, it first must toil,

Through struggle and strain it will reach the sun, 163 more words


New Beginnings

The breath you exhale
Lets my seeds set sail.

What was once secure in the ground,
Has now been removed, with parts of me scattered around. 120 more words