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La Sapeurs: Dandies of the Congo

After the dust of WWII had settled, Congolese soldiers brought Parisian fashions back to the Congo. This is a great example of the cultural exchange which occurs during wartime. 99 more words

Dairy-free, egg-free S'mores Sandwich Cookies

Do you love S’mores? I do. No, correction…I LOVE S’mores!  It’s that fluffy marshmallow melted onto that crunchy sweet graham cracker with just a hint of saltiness, all smothered in smooth, rich melted chocolate! 281 more words


The Gentlemen’s Beautifier: 1878 | Mrs Daffodil Digresses


A French Doctor Rendering Homely Men Pretty

Middle-Aged Gallants and Gray-Beards Rejuvenated.

A Mercury reporter, the other day, in walking down Grand s… 11 more words

19th Century

Can You Tell Your Dandy From Your Tulip or Your Corinthian From Your Swell? (And what about Pinks, Gilliflowers, Kiddys and Dandyzettes?)

In 1823 Slang, A Dictionary of the Turf, the Ring, the Chase, the Pit and of Bon-Ton and the Varieties of Life… by ‘Jon Bee, Esq.’ appeared in print. 826 more words


WOW ~ Word of the Week ~ Coxcomb

Last week’s word – Cokes – might have been a contraction of this week’s word:

Coxcomb (noun)

Anciently, a fool. Fools, in great families, wore a cap with bells, on the top of which was a piece of red cloth, in the shape of a cock’s comb. 317 more words

WOW ~ Word Of The Week

Easy Vegan Recipe – "Old Fashioned" Dandies Marshmallows Fudge

This vegan version of the classic chocolate fudge is easy to make in just one pot. 158 more words

Vegan Food

Easy Vegan Recipe – Dandies Vegan Classic Crispy Treats

As a child, I loved making rice crispy treats with marshmallows, but I had to give them up when I went vegetarian. Marshmallows contain an animal-derived ingredient — gelatin. 136 more words

Vegan Food