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The 6 Causes of Dandruff and here is what you can do about it


So, small flakes of whatever are falling off your scalp, when you scratch, when you rub or even when you brush your hair, that’s nasty and people tend to see that and get all kinds of nasty ideas about you, well to find a solution to our problem we need to understand what the problem is. 527 more words

Monsoon Hair Care

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Monsoon has already hit in. I hope you all are enjoying the rains. You love dancing in rains or just getting wet, but the rain is harmful for your mane. 259 more words


Saloni Product Review – Boots Beer & Egg Intensive Hair Treatment

Boots Beer & Egg Intensive Hair Treatment


Boots Beer & Egg Intensive Hair Treatment
About The Brand:

Boots is brand of UK’s Alliance Boots. It is an international pharmacy-led health and beauty group helping customers look and feel better than they ever thought possible. 256 more words

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What's an Endpoint?

An endpoint, within the context of a human clinical study, is the targeted outcome of that study – basically, what the researchers wish to study and measure.   357 more words

Coal Tar

The health benefits of natural, organic Honey

Honey is rich in fructose (sugar) so those affected by blood sugar issues such as insulin resistance, diabetes, blood sugar imbalance etc should be advised to exclude honey from their diet, or at the very least use with caution. 89 more words


Does Fasting Cure Dandruff?

I seem to have had an unexpected effect of my fasting this year. Most of my adult life, I’ve had issues with dandruff, and none of the remedies seem to help much. 38 more words


Seborrheic Dermatitis on PubMed

PubMed is a free search engine of the MEDLINE database which primarily consists of medical and life sciences journal articles. With PubMed, you can search over 24 million journal abstracts contained in MEDLINE using keywords and other attributes such as date of publication, author, journal, etc.   271 more words

Coal Tar