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Dandruff? What Dandfruff?

Click Here to learn more from Sayer Ji on Dandruff and how to get rid of it forever :)

8 Alerts From Your Skin About Your Health

Skin is not just a barrier between your insides and the rest of the world; it can give you some important clues about your state of health. 439 more words

Does Head and Shoulders really work?

I for one have been using Head and Shoulders for years now since I’m not blessed with not having dandruff, I mean I get dandruff in my hair here and there but I’ve seen some cases where people have it worst than me. 316 more words


DIY product for dandruff

It can get really confused reading different resources on danduff treatment . I have tried alot of suggestions to no avail. I receintly came across this dandurff diy product  86 more words

What is the Modern day Rapunzel's Hair Care Routine like ?

Who doesn’t know Rapunzel- the one with golden coloured seventy feet long hair ! Modern day Rapunzel is all about clean,thick, frizz free hair & long enough to manage life. 1,170 more words


The Monsoon Diaries - Post 03

Another post from The Monsoon Diaries – collection of my season specific posts is here. In my previous posts I mentioned about Health Care,Skin Care and now it’s time for Hair Care. 487 more words


That Time A Womam Wanted To Kill Me With Armpit Dandruff

Shit started when Madam decides to place her arm on the seat in front of her, thereby positioning her armpit over my hands and my phone screen. 199 more words