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Solutions for damage hair

Imagine you sat on the couch happily, waiting for your favourite drama serial to start. But right before that, there comes an advertisement showing those perfectly slim ladies touching and flipping their sleek hair oh-so-dramatically and just looking at it gets you all gloomy. 529 more words


“Nope, I’ve not had an allergic reaction” - The joys of a lifelong skin problem.

Have you ever had one of those days where you leave the house and think, “oh, yes – today is the day I finally look great. 1,083 more words

Hair Problems [Show Notes]

Episode 54 – Hair Problems

Alopecia – hair falls out in the same area all at one time.  Kind of like crop circles.

3 Stages of the Hair Follicle life cycle… 331 more words


Dusting the Dandruff

Which disorder affects almost 50% of our population and we know nothing about? It’s dandruff. It’s that flaky, powdery substance which behaves like a bad tenant who refuses to vacate the premises despite your many (failed) attempts. 982 more words


Dandruff Fighting Conditioner with Calendula and Shea

Dandruff has always been my Achilles heel when it comes to natural hair care. Before I made the switch I used a shampoo whose active ingredient was coal tar. 887 more words


Effects of Hair Dandruff on Face and Skin

Dandruff can find its side effects on your skin as well. There are ways in which you can treat these effects of hair dandruff on face. 9 more words


Benefits of Chamomile and how to brew chamomile tea

Usually chamomile tea is made from this chamomile flower. It has a fruity flavor and is used for various medicinal reasons.

Source: Benefits of Chamomile and how to brew chamomile tea

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