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The sky is shaking it’s head

Is it the crap that we raise into the atmosphere?

The carbon emissions – the smoke – the burnt debris –

and the pollution of our waterways and oceans, that are now falling upon us. 64 more words


How I Revive My Winter Skin

Heeeeey lil beans

It’s winter, it’s cold, life sucks, etcetera. 

Living in rainy old England when you have been blessed with melanin is a STRUGGLE. You think I’m exaggerating, but… 1,064 more words

Beauty On A Budget

A cure for dry scalp/dandruff... Does it work?

Some years ago, my little sister was having issues with dry scalp, my mom tried a lot of products, but nothing worked until one day she went to the pharmacy and the pharmacist introduced her to a product. 295 more words


Tips for thicker hair

As we know first impressions are the key to everything. If you mess the first impression people often mistake you for something you’re not. And something that people notice first is your hair. 316 more words


Conscious living : Lush shampoo bars 2017

ACT ON IT #2: find alternatives for the commercialised shampoo contained in plastic bottles 

Here in the Philippines, it’s a practice to wash our hair daily due to the humid weather we have. 482 more words


Dandruff or Dry Scalp?

This time of year can often cause dryness of the scalp, producing flakes of skin, which are commonly confused with dandruff. But how do we tell the difference between the two, and how do we treat them? 382 more words



Sheba is not a fool proof dog. She has failed as an alarm on a few occasions, like this morning. She has an annoying habit of waking us up anytime around 6. 582 more words