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Dandy Warhols (Phonetic tunes #4 - Delta)

Dandy Warhols – Bohemian like you

Twenty six tunes over twenty six days; one for each letter of the phonetic alphabet



Any track that opens with a decent funk guitar riff is always worth a listen in my book. That’s exactly how this London four piece proceed before unleashing this nugget of nu-retro feel goodness . 194 more words


Dandy Warhols at Sheffield Leadmill

Dandy Warhols are a band that are hard to pin down. Underground heroes but stadium rockers. Resolutely musically ambitious but a pop band. This makes for a confusing live experience. 326 more words


The Lion, The Witch and the Warhol

I relish the nights when songs get stuck in my head. One of the reasons for this quirk is my desire to quiet a rambunctious mind. 786 more words


Covering Sleep

This is what I was listening to when I fell asleep and had a dream about Robert today. Also I skipped shul this morning. Also I have to stop calling it shul because I’m not Orthodox. 7 more words


Song of the day: Dandy Warhols- Bohemian Like You

In 2000, the Dandy Warhols released their new single. Courtney Taylor-Taylor, the singer of the band, wrote the song when he looked through the window of his apartment and saw a woman pull up in her car to the traffic lights. 44 more words


Dandy Warhols - Mohammed

’13 Tales from Urban Bohemia’ is a seriously good album. And it’s not just because it’s packed with more than it’s fair share of pop gems. 17 more words