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Dane Reynolds throws a huge air in super slow-mo 5K

Forget 4K, Dane Reynolds kicks it up a notch with this superb air in 5K. Thank you Dane, thank you…


Surfing Morocco with Dane Reynolds and Lucas Silveira

Surfing Morocco through the eyes of Ayoub Abouizza and Gudi Ferrer. Starring Dane Reynolds and Lucas Silveira

Filmed by Ayoub Abouizza
Edit by Gudi Ferrer
Aditional clips by Gudi Ferrer


West-Southwest: A one day surf film at Rincon

West-Southwest is a surfing short film shot on the morning of 2/8/2015 at Rincon Point in Santa Barbara California. Featuring Dane Reynolds, Courtney Conlogue and Yadin Nicol.


Marine Layer Productions: One from the Archives

I CONFESS: Just can’t escape the surf stylings of Mr. Reynolds charging heavy (and not so heavy) Ventura surf…like it’s no biggie. Cold, windy and heavy conditions, especially when there are thick neoprene layers and booties involved, will usually send me packing. 22 more words


Competing (Vicariously) With Kelly Slater

I started thinking about why I root for someone who has won more major surfing competitions than anyone else some time before the Hurley Pro at Trestles. 923 more words