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Venus as Inanna at the 3rd Gate

The Venus, Moon conjunction this month was June 20, at 6:24 PM EDT, Washington D.C. at 14 Taurus 52.  I was ‘out of the loop’ last week so I didn’t make the deadline for getting this out before the conjunction occurred. 1,260 more words


June Astromusings Happy Birthday Cancerians! Blessings for the Winter/Summer Solstice! New Moon Super Moon in Cancer

Moon mother,
yin maiden
smiling from your silver
empress throne
Spin dreams and silken fantasy
glide noiselessly on cloudless skies
holding ancient pearly wisdom
in your womb… 3,591 more words

#1 Abdul Bahá, visionary of Baha'ism

Bahá’ís have some of the most beautiful gardens on their grounds outside of an arboretum, part of their belief of creating a heaven on earth. The featured shot is of their grounds in Haifa, Israel. 710 more words

Aries 24

Venus as Inanna at the First Gate


This is the second installment of a multi-part article on the planet Venus with emphasis on its role in myth and shamanic astrology. The first part “Venus as Inanna & The Cosmic Pentagram” 2,291 more words


Solar Return

This is the week of my birth, eons ago. Long, long ago …….

Every year, everyone has a Solar Return. It’s around your date of birth and it is a snapshot of the planets at the exact time your sun comes back to the degree and minute of your birth. 353 more words


Misteriozna priča iza Sabijskih simbola

Jeste li znali da je naš Zodijak podjeljen na 360 stupnjeva? A da je svaki od tih stupnjeva opisan nekim simbolom koji bi trebao produbiti priču. 1,256 more words