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G. I. Joe/Danger Girl Crossover Quick Review

Danger Girl/G.I. Joe is a comic book crossover between the long popular Hasbro toy property and the IDW comic book series about a group of female super spies. 208 more words


Advent Door 20

We’re breaking out the festive drinks as it’s the last Saturday before Christmas, we do enjoy a snowball, almost as much as we love the guys behind today’s door! 87 more words

Music Video

Review: Danger Girl: Mayday #4

Over the course of its publication history, Danger Girl has been a fun if not always too serious take on the espionage genre.  It was originally conceived as a parody of James Bond, and built itself on the concept that it would put the Bond Girls in the spotlight, only that instead of passive doe-eyed victims that they would be lively doe-eyed spark plugs.  501 more words


I see Susie and Bobby and Timmy and Mary.... but never Robyn

I am invisible.

I grew up with a name that no one ever had and people often told me they hated my name…Thanks?

My mom read… 482 more words


Espionage Comic Books

I love comic books, I love spies, so naturally I would love comic books about spies. Weather it is covert ops in the world of capes and tights or the gritty realistic world of Queen and Country, secret agents and comics go together like bacon on a maple doughnut (Trust me if you are not from Oregon you may not realize that it is the best tasting thing ever but it is) The only limits on comics are the writers imagination and the artists talent. 2,517 more words

Read These Comics for 5/21

Amazing Spider-Man (vol 3) #2 by Marvel Comics

  • Electro’s power is out of control! And only one person can fix it… /li>
  • …the Superior Spider-Man!
  • 571 more words

REVIEW: Batman Danger Girl: Dangerous Connections

In this unlikely crossover the Danger Girl gang goes to Gotham City to get Donavin Conrad. Batman hears of this, he doesn’t seem to be entirely sure who Donavin Conrad is but he’s sure he’s not on the side of good…also he doesn’t like Danger Girl being in his city. 136 more words