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'Danger Girl' Finds Scriptwriter in Umair Aleem

Back in November 2017, Constantin Film garnered the rights to a Danger Girl film and it appears that they have finally pegged the scriptwriter. Constantin bought the rights with a rumored potential of building a possible franchise and they’ve hired Umair Aleem to start it. 175 more words


From Danger Girl to Triggergirl 6 – we highlight the best of the female spy comic book genre

In most iterations of the spy narrative, you’ll often find a man in the central lead as the secret agent, while women play skirting roles either as alluring temptresses or sometimes as duplicitous and dangerous femme fatales. 1,162 more words


Danger Girl in Development

The comic, created by J. Scott Campbell and And Hartnell, is being developed for both film and television.

Constantin Film, the company behind the Resident Evil… 93 more words


Hollywood Daze: A roundup of Comic movies no one asked for

J. Scott Campbell’s Danger Girl was very popular when it was released in 1998. How popular? Two years after its release there Sony released a Danger Girl video game for the playstation one console. 355 more words


Female Comic Book Characters I think are Awesome Part II.

Continuing my female favs from the comic books.

Tank Girl. Born Rebecca Buck (well actually it says Fonzie Rebecca Buckler on her birth certificate but hey who’s counting?) Worked for some government para military agency until something happened with the president’s colostomy bag and she stole her tank and became an outlaw.  1,394 more words