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Saturday Morning Cartoons #19

Welcome to another installment of our weekly feature, “Saturday Morning Cartoons.”  If you’re not familiar with the series, each Saturday morning, a writer will highlight an episode of a cartoon.  1,089 more words


Danger Hamster - Pie-rannosaurus Rex

The doublodocus is one of my proudest creations. It’s stupid as all hell, but Diego did such a great job of bringing it to adorable life. 67 more words

Danger Mouse

Danger Hamster - Toilet Humour

How many toilet-related puns can you fit into three panels? As an AI toilet revolutionary, Dr. Loocifer is such a fantastic character, but one that I never really got enough chances to write. 67 more words

Danger Mouse

Danger Hamster - Action-Packed Lunch

The strips that were eventually published in issue 11 were sitting unused in a stock folder for far longer than I was happy with. I pushed and pushed to get these published because I was really proud of all of them. 64 more words

Danger Mouse

Danger Hamster - Connecting Colonel K

This is definitely my favourite of the strips from issue four of Danger Mouse. I pushed the gag of Colonel K not remembering Penfold to the Nth degree because I knew that would be a real issue for Penfold if he ever became a fully-fledged Danger Agent. 64 more words

Danger Mouse

Danger Hamster - Diamond in the Rough

I was a big fan of Penfold’s obsession with the Giraffe Warriors series of games in the Danger Mouse reboot. In an early episode, Penfold completes a game and his reward is having it transform into a robot, so I built on that concept for this comic. 93 more words

Danger Mouse

Danger Hamster - Rotten Luck

Working on Danger Mouse Magazine, we really grabbed on to Penfold’s affinity for jam from the rebooted series. When I got to write some mini strips, I really wanted to write about what Penfold would be like a fully-fledged Danger Agent instead of a sidekick and all the ridiculous ways he could save the world through bumbling. 33 more words

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