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One of my favourite shows as a child was Danger Mouse, so I was wary when I heard that CBBC had commissioned a comeback. I feel that there are some classics like Danger Mouse, Thunderbirds and the Clangers that are best left alone because they were so good the first time round that to tamper with them is a dangerous area to tread. 253 more words


Remake of Danger Mouse Turns out to be Nothing More Than Original Series With a Revamped Theme Tune

The long awaited new series of the 80s children’s television classic Danger Mouse has been outed as a fake this week by a disgruntled fan. 313 more words

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Danger Mouse Review: Danger Mouse Is Back... Again

The new series of Danger Mouse premiered today on CBBC, it was a great show. The animation is flash, but it’s good flash. It also happens to be animated by Boulder Media, who have also animated shows such as The Amazing World of Gumball and Wander Over Yonder. 163 more words

Danger Mouse

My Interview With Ben Ward (Head Writer on Danger Mouse)

I recently spoke to Ben Ward. He is the head writer on Danger Mouse and has previously worked on Gigglebiz, Horrible Histories and The Basil Brush Show. 452 more words

Danger Mouse

TV Pick of the Day - Monday 28 September

TV fan and diminutive super-hero Zoe Butcher has a rebooted classic for today’s pick… 170 more words


Broken Bells - It's That Talk Again

Kada je izgledalo da ćemo opet čekati najmanje 4 godine do novog izdanja Broken Bells, dečki su iznenadili i objavili singl It’s That Talk Again… 89 more words