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A Return to Heartbreak Ridge

Three years ago, I climbed Table Mountain near the Columbia River Gorge in the Southwestern Cascades of Washington. On that trip, the weather was absolutely perfect and the… 722 more words


Busted! Fukushima Operator Concealed Radioactive Leak for Nearly a Year

Tokyo Electric Power Co., TEPCO, has been slammed by fishermen, for knowingly allowing radioactive substances to flow freely into the sea for ten months.

Operators of the tsunami-stricken Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant admitted that a drainage ditch allowed highly-contaminated water to flow into the sea, and …

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Dangerous Duty

“Nothing is really work unless you would rather be doing something else.”
J.M. Barrie

I believe the young man washing the fence rails would rather be doing something else – probably most anything else.

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Texting Dangers Stall Street

Texting and Driving

Be honest. Have you ever thought a text was more important than keeping your eyes on the road? You can wait to text your boyfriend back when he asks you what time you over, and I’m sure you can wait to reply to your mom’s angry text. 207 more words

Stall Street Journal

The Inside-Out Woman: 3: Holy Men

The Inside-Out Woman CHAPTER 3:  HOLY MEN

“Iam?  Hello?”

She was hot now, and sticky, and preoccupied, shifting her gaze between the wall phone receiver she gripped and the kitchen wall clock observing her from over the slider, until the eyes in the clock’s face seized her attention completely and refused to release it.  3,030 more words


The Danger of Drink

This was a entry for a photo competition with the theme of “Reflections”. I had done my safety shot but it had gone horribly wrong compared to how I envisaged it in my head. 220 more words