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The Hard Way

I wanted to feel strong again. I wanted to feel healthy and capable and full of my old fire, the way I’d felt just before I left for the Peace Corps in Burkina Faso, West Africa. 700 more words

Danger for Turnbull as the new parliament heads into the unknown | Katharine Murphy | Australia news | The Guardian

A game of chicken on the marriage equality plebiscite and curtseying to the base on 18C – what an exciting time for a prime minister to be alive! 18 more words


Little Girls Can Be Dangerous Too

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She held the fish up to the light and watched it squirm for the chance to live. The sun cast an almost angelic filter to the moment and for a minute everything about the fleeting nature of life flashed quickly and insignificantly before her eyes. 99 more words


Hover board 

Are you familiar with the hover board craze?  If you’re a parent with kids ages 6 to 26, I’m willing to bet you’re fully aware of the hover board phenomenon that swept through our homes this past fall. 626 more words

Bringing Sweaty Back