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Jammz - Danger

Jammz is een echt probleem op de mic. Als je daar nog over twijfelt, bekijk dan nu zijn laatste videoclip.




I’m the kind of girl who loves movie dates curled up on a couch under warm blankets.
I’m the kind of girl who loves holding his hand and dancing around in public to draw attention to the fact that he’s mine. 267 more words


Through the Holes...

I saw your heart

Through the holes in your eyes.

I saw

The fears, tears, cares and curses.

I saw fire,

I saw love

And danger. 38 more words


There Must Be A Better Way

There Must Be A Better Way


“Hey, Man, this is great stuff! Wow! The sky’s amazing! Look at all the colors… Awesome, dude! What’s this stuff we’re doing?” A teenager named Beasley was speaking. 568 more words

Billy Ray Chitwood

meetings excess

Confucius say person with too many business meetings in danger of  having significant other adjourn the relationship.



Adrenaline rushed through my veins as I sprinted through the bush,

Tall, wooden giants loomed over me, their arms outstretching wide.

Twigs and fallen branches whipped past my legs, 334 more words

Playground Slide Recalled After Kids' Fingers Amputated

Park slides can provide immeasurable joy for children (and some adults). And aside from scorching your bare legs on a slide that has been sitting out in the sun, they aren’t supposed to result in any pain. 185 more words

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