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Leading UK medics call for fracking ban

Eighteen leading UK doctors and medical academics have called for a ban on fracking. 508 more words


Grüner Morast

Ankündigung eines brisanten Berichtes der Berliner Grünen. Die Aufarbeitung des pädophilen Erbes der Partei ist noch nicht am Ende.

Von Nina Apin

Den Grünen drohen neue Enthüllungen über Pädophilie in ihren Anfangsjahren. 78 more words


It Lurks About

Me and my friend, Mike, used to eat his mother’s homemade beef jerky with the garden hose aimed directly into our mouths. The spices from the jerky were so pepper-hot that it was the only way we could enjoy the exquisite flavor without misery. 376 more words

I Will Forget

Darkness hangs at my door
Like a mistletoe, we meet beneath it

You kiss me.

For a second I forget the deep depths of my sadness. 119 more words


"Danger!!" by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Part 3

Today, we have the last installment of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s short story “Danger!! Being the Log of Capt. John Sirius,” which The Evening Star… 187 more words