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No City Is Safe For A Woman Alone!!...personal

I shudder as I write this. It was not a planned post, but I just can’t keep my mind from wandering on how my Angels worked overtime today in keeping me safe from becoming a drowned/missing person. 509 more words


Uncertainty is good

Many of us have concluded that uncertainty is something to be feared. This has happened because we have had experiences that associate the feeling of uncertainty with experiences of harm or trauma. 234 more words

Black Sails

“Anything worth doing has always been worth doing in the face of a little danger.”

-Captain Flint, Black Sails – Season 2

Life can be scary at times, but its during those times that we really get to see just what we are capable of. 89 more words

Clare Angelica

North Korea Praises Long-Range Rocket Launch

More #North #Korea #Fires #Long-Range #Rocket, #South Says #Seoul : North #Korea Moves Up #Rocket #Launch (SEOUL, South Korea) — For North Korea’s #propaganda machine, the long-range rocket launch Sunday carved a glorious trail of “fascinating vapor” through the clear blue sky. 25 more words


Carbon Monoxide: Silent Killer

What do animals need more than anything? Wifi? Another pair of shoes? Celebrity magazines? No, animals need oxygen. Without oxygen, our cells cannot respire. Respiration is the process of combining glucose (from food) and oxygen (from the air that we breathe) to make carbon dioxide, water and energy (in the form of ATP). 516 more words

The Bad Boy

Dear women of the world,

Why do we always fall for the “bad boy” type of guy? Is it because we, as women, enjoy a good project and believe we may be the woman who finally has the ability and power to change him? 194 more words