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The Icebox

The Icebox

(A short-short story from a collection compiled from the author’s childhood)

The summer of 1943 my family became the proud owners of a… 709 more words


Travelling to Kuwait... BEWARE!

 “Travelling to Kuwait”… this is a phenomenon that has gripped our Cameroonian society. Young girls tend to be excited when they envisage themselves travelling to… 345 more words

Personal Thoughts.

Exploring the Sewers--Something that Happened Freshman Year

Near my house in beautiful Orange, there is a nice park we locals like to call the “Blue Park,” named after the blue colored playground that used to be there. 1,273 more words


I was listening to a sermon last night by a baptist minister.  I don’t remember his name, I believe he was from Zimbabwe.  He was talking about a story in Numbers. 392 more words

No One Ever Got Nerve Damage From A Dress...Right? RIGHT?!

I recently came across an article on the dangers of wearing skinny jeans while perusing the People.com website. I’m obsessed with that website. I know way more about the Kardashians than one should having never watched their show. 1,221 more words



Wind on things (such as temporary fencing that has banners etc added to it – making it a sail in essence). Danger to people walking past. 17 more words


The Rain

Is it raining? It is raining,
It is raining just a little.
Really, raining? That’s not raining!
It’s a light and healthy drizzle.

Is it raining? 78 more words