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Always Investigating: What every parent, teen should know about dating apps

Technology has changed the dating scene. Some people meet online and even through dating apps. But not every story has a happy ending. Some of Hawaii’s teens have been victimized and parents should be aware of what’s going on. 25 more words


Chimney Fire

When I was a little girl, we lived in a charming house in the middle of the woods.  This all sounds like the beginning of a fairy tale, but to me, I loved our little house with its crab apple trees and trickling brook and frog pond and wood furnace.   216 more words


Love & Hate

Love & Hate

Love could turn into Hate It could be as intense

Yes! Love could turn into hate. Here I am using the word ‘could’ as it may or may not turn so. 104 more words


Dangerous Behaviour: Open Workshop - West Midlands, 20.03.2017

As I’ve said before, it is very difficult for individual participants to access this kind of training as it is almost exclusively delivered “in-house” to closed groups. 52 more words



“Free cheese is always available in mouse traps.”

Heart Transplant

Crazy drivers

I got up in good time today, as I intended to do something rare; that was to go out on my own, to visit the Muckleburgh Military Collection at Weybourne, on the north coast. 646 more words

Country Life In Norfolk

Think Before You Post?

Think Before You Post?

As different forms of social media become increasingly popular among Internet users, it is important to understand the effects of ceding one’s privacy through Facebook, Instagram, and other social networking services. 236 more words