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That's Gonna Leave a Mark

Dr. Steven J. Callis

Their names many not be immediately recognized, but Jeffrey Petkovich and Peter Debernardi were the first to ever survive the Horshoe Falls, going over the 176-foot-high Niagara Falls in a barrel.  404 more words

Where's the Danger?

In 1940, British novelist Graham Greene published The Power and the Glory, set in Mexico about the clandestine sacramental activities of the “whisky priest” at a time when Catholicism was prohibited in the State of Tabasco.  426 more words

The Squirrel Debate

Everyone is probably not talking about the Squirrel Debate. I am actually wondering if there is a squirrel debate. There probably isn’t. But what if there was? 389 more words

Podcast Episodes

Pokeweed, leave it or weed it?

The berries of American Pokeweed, Phytolacca americana, are poisonous. And oh-so tempting to you humans, especially when they are in full ripeness –and at their most toxic!–this time of year. 44 more words

Backyard Habitat

the vine

(for ken saro-wiwa)

i am the vine

truncating the fruits

sapping the life sap of

the buoyant IROKO tree

i am the vine
twirling leaves… 25 more words


The Illusion of Safety Is Always More Dangerous Than the Discomfort of Innovation – Robin Sharma

Who can deny the allure of safety? – Pleasant, comfortable, easy, untroubled safety. Who would trade safety for uncertainty? – Chancy, vague, unpredictable, tenuous uncertainty. The illusion of uncertainty isn’t a question of its existence.

39 more words

Stephen Hawking warned us about contacting aliens, but this astronomer says it's 'too late'

In 2010, physicist Stephen Hawking voiced concern about the possibility that we might contact extraterrestrial life by transmitting signals into space.

However, SETI senior astronomer Seth Shostak told us that it’s too late to consider whether we should send such transmissions, because we’ve already been doing it for decades. 16 more words