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I'll be honest and lay my cards on the table here, it's not often that I agree with Cesar Millan...

I’ll be honest and lay my cards on the table here, it’s not often that I agree with Cesar Millan… for a start I don’t feel that the methods he employs for rehabilitating dangerous dogs are exactly user friendly for the average Joe. 137 more words

Case of Staffordshire terrier heard in Australian High Court

In the Guardian.  Staffordshire Terrier “Izzy” was the object of a destruction order in Melbourne after it and two other dogs had attacked a mother, child and puppy in 2012;  it was then involved in a further attack the followng year.  73 more words

Animal Welfare Issues

How Pro-Pitbull Crusades Harm Workers — and Dogs

Industry groups such as the American Pit Bull Foundation are out to vaunt the public image of these dogs, and “promote responsible breed ownership through providing owner and public education.” Why should animal advocates buttress their exploitive, deadly position?

Full article at CounterPunch today.


Dog Bite Survey, Which Breeds Bite?

 The media show stories about Bull breeds, Rottweilers and Akitas biting and causing fatalities.  The public in reality have problems with any breed whose owner can’t or won’t train it. 189 more words


A New Initiative Concerning Dangerous Dogs

Animal Care College – caring for people caring for animals

Find a member of the National Register of Dog Trainers

 When the press release from the Kennel Club regarding a special meeting to discuss strategies for dealing with the problems of dangerous dogs and dog biting crossed my desk I read it with a degree of scepticism. 1,295 more words

Pedigree Dogs

Walk or Bones

There is a lamb shank bone resting on my day bed. I was given it yesterday evening – a rare and welcome treat, but it was also Triple Walk Tuesday, the day I go out loads because Bee (the youngest in my pack) has to be taken somewhere and later collected, so we do three, sometimes four walks, and I love it, only not when I have a bone to de-flesh. 192 more words