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Dangerous Women - Female-led Epic Fantasy

Following on from my last post on female-led epic fantasy, Dangerous Women Vol 2 (edited by George R R Martin and Gardner Dozois) is now available in paperback. 115 more words


A TALE OF TWO DRAGONS – The Princess and the Queen, or, the Blacks and the Greens – A Review

One of my favourite literary series of all time is the award winning A Song of Ice and Fire and when I come across something in the bookstore written by George RR Martin (GRRM) I naturally feel compelled to purchase it. 351 more words

Book Reviews

miss carter's war

finally finished reading this lovely book – its actually a brief history of london over a period of 55 years, taking you from the end of the second world war right through to the millennium – taking in all the social aspects of living and working in britain during that time, through the eyes of Marguerite, a warm and likeable character who’s passion for living and improving the lives of young women is especially admirable.   129 more words


Makeup as a Weapon

Recently while at work I had a conversational argument with another waitress, an older woman of artistic and subversive inclinations, about the role of makeup on a personal and societal level. 647 more words

red lips, red nails

you’ve got blood underneath your nails
(claws) baby, and you’ve been
painting them red and filing them blunt
to stop the world from finding out. 91 more words


The Femme Fatale

Dangerous women. What is there not to like? Maybe the whole using their sexuality to try and get you killed? Like I said what is there not to like? 354 more words