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I tend to do things kind of quietly, working in the background. I have always thought of myself as the guy on the printing press turning the wheel to get the papers out, replacing the paper, inking the layout, then cranking some more to just get it out. 426 more words

Book review 13) Dangerous women

when I was on winter vacation I finished another book. This one as you can see higher is called Dangerous women.

Book: Dangerous women… 686 more words

Book Review

#MerylStreep's strength is power to us all.

When I think back, there was an actual lightening bolt moment when I realised that I was just a ‘woman’. A mere girl.  I am talking about my awakening, my realisation that gender was important, the moment I understood that in being a woman I was somehow  compromised by vent of my very existence. 518 more words


6 Degrees ~ 24 Hours

Six Degrees ~ Twenty-Four Hours

Photo:  MOMA  https://www.moma.org/collection/works/110263


Six degrees of separation

and twenty-four hours of pain

while he’s ordering another round

he sleeps with a bar-fly… 248 more words

Passion's Invocation

Blogmas, Day 1/2: NaNoWriMo postmortem

Well, what do you know, it’s December already. To celebrate, I’m currently being too busy to start Blogmas on time! Hurray! To make up for it, a double-bill today, on just how NaNoWriMo went down, and courtesy of… 524 more words


So, I’d say this was a pretty great year for music. Lots of albums and rising stars, and pretty impressive musicians. But if I had to pick a favorite album of the year, I’d have to go with Dangerous Woman by Ariana Grande. 104 more words

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Stupidly dangerous

I don’t think I’m dangerous. I think I’m stupid. But not dangerous.

I could fall down the stairs or trip over my own foot but that won’t kill me. 102 more words