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Writing Prompt #122 “Collage 5″

She shudders by me,

A web of sublime predation.

I add her to my list of grievances.

We’ll make fireworks of saltpeter

And hearts of raven feathers. 102 more words


Between the Devil and the Deep, Blue Sea

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He spent the afternoon on the beach walking in the surf and trying to clear his mind. Layoffs were imminent and he couldn’t afford to get the axe now. 947 more words



Jenner checked her reflection and ran to wait behind the curtain. Looking down at the triangles of cloth that barely covered her secrets, she tried to slow her breathing. 305 more words

Passion's Invocation


Shelby sat near the Princess phone in the house she shared with Nathan. While waiting for her fiancé to call about dinner plans she tried to decide which cosmetics were appropriate. 1,304 more words

Passion's Invocation

Dangerous Women

So I just picked up volume 3 of the George R.R. Martin edited Dangerous Women anthology. You can pick this up as a single volume on Amazon for Kindle but it’s kinda expensive for an anthology (probably Martin’s name being tagged to it) and I really only wanted this for one story, which I got in volume 3 (paperback). 685 more words


An Outlandish memory

Scenes from Outlander episode #113 are based on events in “Virgins” which was published in an anthology called Dangerous Women (edited by George R R Martin) in December 2013. 74 more words


Dangerous Women, Rogues and Warriors, oh my!


The great storyteller of Game of Thrones fame, George R.R. Martin, and veteran anthologist Gardner Dozois, have joined together to offer three powerful volumes of original short stories by today’s best writers in fantasy, science fiction, historical fiction, and suspense. 184 more words