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Declaration Divine

Gonna get all up onto my high heels

and haul ass out of here

gonna have to fight like a holy hellion

like I never fought for anything… 187 more words

Passion's Invocation

A Picture Tells A Thousand Lies

Written for the ‘Dangerous Women‘ project.

A picture tells a thousand lies. Like this one above. It’s beautiful, a perfect illustration of my perfect life. 1,426 more words

Dangerous Women edited by George R. R. Martin and Gardner Dozois

Unlike some of the other anthologies I’ve read, this one is so varied in interpretation of the theme and contributors that I couldn’t rate the whole thing as one. 1,060 more words


"Chill and sit back"


Another day in the life of ThisGirl2000…

Soooo, today has been a rather productive day. I woke up around 10am (a personal record for a Sunday) I watched a movie, I watched another movie, my dad came home from work and we watched another movie, I watched an episode of my favourite TV show at the moment – Nashville – and now here I am. 225 more words


Review of 'Paladin' by Sally Slater

What you need to know: Samantha Haywood is a boy; well, she’s a girl disguised as a boy. In her own mind – she’s a warrior, but being both a women and high-born has severely limited her martial career opportunities. 1,099 more words


The Borgia Bride (a short story)

It should have been enough that they would have no more debt, but the loanshark was bleeding into the rug. She loved that rug, a true twentieth century original she’d gotten on a dime – but blood stains would be the ruin of it. 1,873 more words