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Review of 'Paladin' by Sally Slater

What you need to know: Samantha Haywood is a boy; well, she’s a girl disguised as a boy. In her own mind – she’s a warrior, but being both a women and high-born has severely limited her martial career opportunities. 1,099 more words


The Borgia Bride (a short story)

It should have been enough that they would have no more debt, but the loanshark was bleeding into the rug. She loved that rug, a true twentieth century original she’d gotten on a dime – but blood stains would be the ruin of it. 1,873 more words


Ruth Gruber: Part Two

I first discovered Ruth in a documentary on PBS called “Ahead of Time.” In it you find a calm, quiet, yet strong petite woman, hair, nails and makeup done, jewelry just so, in her Manhattan apartment, surrounded by books and research material.

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A Dangerous Woman

Meet a Dangerous Woman: Ruth Gruber

A dangerous woman goes against the odds, against convention, and against the social mores of her time, not to grab attention or flaunt her difference, but to embrace her own unique style in order to live a life that matters. 461 more words

The Cosmere: Where to Start?

So you’ve heard of this fantasy thing called the Cosmere. It sounds cool, but you don’t know what it is – this Brandon Sanderson guy seems to have tons of separate series of books, with different characters and very different premises. 1,997 more words

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New Poems, New Places

New blog about the recent trip to the Festival de la poésie de Montréal up on the SPL website today:

Canadian Dreaming

and a couple of recent publications: 32 more words