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Reignited Interest In Fiction

Let’s talk about Game Of Thrones; not the show, the book series, A Song Of Ice And Fire. Ok, we’ll talk a little bit about the show – it did usher me to the books. 1,039 more words

Reviews And Entertainment

Vatican Sexism, A Clear and Present Danger to the Catholic Church

Courageous National Catholic Reporter journalist Jamie Manson recounts her first-hand experience of the Vatican’s scandalous obsessive fear of women clergy, extending even to women clergy of the Anglican variety. 10 more words


The Cult of Crazy Chicks: Part 1

For those of you who are long time readers, you are probably familiar with my writings on various forms of damaged women. I’ve previously covered… 1,924 more words

Red Pill

Reflections on a Year of Dangerous Women: Speaking Out, Listening, Resisting and Persisting!

On March 8 2016, Peta Freestone, Jo Shaw, and colleagues at Edinburgh University’s Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities (IASH), launched an ambitious collective endeavour using social media to ask the question: ‘What is a dangerous woman?’ The… 1,296 more words

A silly, silly Politician (woman)

What a silly, silly woman is Pauline Hanson. On her reckoning she would be a fan of Adolph Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, and Hirohito who would claim that they “put their country first” and gave us the Holocaust, gas chambers, Stalags and death in unimaginable numbers. 25 more words


Interview with Jess Orr for the Dangerous Women Project

This winter I was honoured to be asked to contribute to the Dangerous Women Project, a fantastic initiative currently running out of the University of Edinburgh. 165 more words

Performance Poetry