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I made dis

Just sayin’.

Gluten free chocolate brownies

You can’t really go wrong with brownies. I mean, if the batter tastes good, it’ll taste good. I tried baking cookies today, and let’s just say, the batter was much more tasty than the end product (I think I burnt it). 34 more words


How I Stay Motivated

One of the main reasons that people give for not working out and eating healthy is that they just can’t seem to get – or stay – motivated. 450 more words

Clean eating, with a couple of hotdogs, lol!

Hey everyone!

Well, I tried my “clean” eating yesterday. I had my spaghetti squash, pasta sauce and roasted tomatoes and it was delicious!

After I finished this wonderful dish, I was still hungry (enter eerie violin music from a horror flick). 340 more words

Clean Eating...as opposed to...dirty eating?

Well, I decided yesterday that I was going to eat more healthily. Not that I’ve been eating burgers and fries daily, because I haven’t. But while I was at Planet Fitness on the treadmill (which I think has a really narrow belt, but I digress) watching Guy Fieri eat pork chops and pork belly, I thought to myself – you know what? 540 more words

An Amazing Age We Live In

Roughly four months ago few people save my friends and family knew of my desire to host my own cooking show.  To date over 3,000 people have now downloaded one of my cooking shows.  166 more words

Bobby Flay