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All These Bad Bad Dreams

I dream a lot when I’m asleep. Most of the time, I remember those dreams at the moment when I wake up. However, those dreams were instantly forgotten in a matter of minutes, or even seconds. 491 more words


In the Books

I have always believed in fate. Everything has already written in the books.

I know that crossing paths with you three times was fate. The first time, I got to know you. 316 more words


A Different Approach to Fasting: Fasts have a tendency to be oriented toward things like giving up food or television. But there are many other creative ways we can welcome Jesus’ healing touch.

409 more words

Girl Beloh

Yup. That’s exactly how you’d describe her. Find that cute though…  She’s a pretty lil’ lady who I have apparently fallen for.

Meet her in 2008. 242 more words

Me And Her...

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Love happens

Asalamualaiikum & Hello~

Just when you thought you couldn’t love anyone more than you already do.. And BAM! There you go. You stumble upon another reason to add to that already long list of things you love about them. 101 more words


My mat & I

Asalamaualaiikum & Hello~

I have a boyfriend. Let’s call him my mat. Mat as in Malay boy. Not mat as in Doormat. HAHAHHA, wth.

He’s dark-skinned, has thick eyebrows (more than average & not too thick like a jungle), so the Melayu (sambal tumis, asam pedas, football, vespa, etc :P) , very skilled hands-on (tech stuff, etc), caring, loving, and so much more that I could write for hours on end. 268 more words



HELLOHELLO! Somehow yesterday felt like results day where it started out crappy but ended great! Teehee. I can’t rmb what made me feel crappy anymore though..that’s good right! 343 more words

My Day