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The Tyrant's Law (Dagger and Coin #3)

The Tyrant’s Law is your typical middle novel – a little slow going as it maneuvers its players into position, but it does dole out unexpectedly delicious morsels of worldbuilding to pass the time. 384 more words


The Expanse – James S.A. Corey

    Pentru această serie procesul meu obișnuit a fost inversat. Ce vreau să spun este că mai întâi am văzut ecranizarea-serial produsă de SyFy. Care mi-a plăcut si m-a intrigat suficient de mult încât am decis să citesc cărțile. 633 more words

Pentru Cunoscători

Finished Project

Here is the completed painting of Juliette and Josephus.  Please visit my deviantart page for a full explanation of this piece, link below on the left.


Sort of How I Spent My Summer

It turned out that I got quite a bit read this summer. John Scalzi’s The Last Colony, two of Stross’s Laundry Files books, a manual on the Steampunk movement, re-read The Magicians, Daniel Abraham’s splendid closer to the Dagger and Coin series, and a re-read of Roger Zelazny’s Lord of Light (that’s practically an annual thing). 93 more words

The King's Blood (Dagger and Coin #2)

In The King’s Blood, upheavals occur, characters come into their own (for good or ill), and the shape of the overarching conflict begins to emerge. And it is an ideological one that should be familiar to students of TOK. 632 more words


The Dragon's Path (Dagger and Coin #1)

The Dragon’s Path is an understated but competent start to a fantasy saga that offers, for the genre, an unusual degree of psychological realism.

Daniel Abraham is, of course, one half of the James Corey writing duo that came up with the vaunted Expanse series. 744 more words


The Churn by James S A Corey

I’m about to catch up with The Expanse novels so warmed myself up with another one of the novellas.  This one is easily the most grounded and least ‘sci-fi’ so far. 307 more words