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The Best Of 2015

The time has come for ‘Best of 2015’ threads and to reflect on all the wonderful books I enjoyed over the year. This piece will address my top 10 reads published in 2015, but is missing some of the amazing older books I read throughout the year. 1,445 more words


The Expanse Series - Book 1: Leviathan Wakes - By James S. A. Corey

Hey Jared,

If you recall from my last review I mentioned “half a million word monsters.” I’d now like to introduce you to one. Honestly, I don’t know how many words it’s got but it’s a BIG book with relatively small print. 568 more words


The Long Price

This series by Daniel Abraham consists on four books that come in two omnibus editions: Shadow and Betrayal and Seasons of War. The main characters, two “poets”, are a kind of magician who can capture an idea and give it a human form to control it (this is called an “andat”). 124 more words


LEVIATHAN WAKES - James S.A. Corey (2011)

Excellent science fiction needs two things: a great story and great ideas. Leviathan Wakes doesn’t offer much of both.

The universe it portrays feels small and not fully fleshed out – the only science that is tackled more or less thoroughly is g-acceleration, and it’s mentioned ad nauseam. 300 more words


THE PRICE OF SPRING - Daniel Abraham (2009)

When I ended this book – and with it the series – my cheeks were moist with tears, and my lips formed a broad smile. It is one of the faces of happiness I take most delight in, and it is rare. 439 more words


AN AUTUMN WAR - Daniel Abraham (2008)

The third in the series, one of the better books I’ve ever read, and probably the best of the series so far. Surprising, emotional, compassionate, deep, character driven, moving, and utterly original. 88 more words