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330,000 year old tools found at unique Armenian archeological site, Nor Geghi 1 calls into question single-point-of-origin Africa theory

Past Horizons: new discovery and subsequent analysis of thousands of Stone Age tools has provided a major insight into human innovation 325,000 years ago and how early technological developments spread across the world, according to research published in the journal Science. 187 more words


Daniel Adler Evaluates Kolkata

My grandma calls Kolkata the cloaca of the world. Before visiting I called it an armpit. And the main reason Dad wanted to come here was to see how bad it is. 1,090 more words

Daniel Adler

How Do You Say "Piece Of Ass" In German?

As I previously noted I’m staying in the best hostel in Berlin, which is largely due to the area and the people staying here. The other night I saw that girl with the floral patch on her bag walk in and kind of smile at me and I followed her into the kitchen and asked are you American? 3,671 more words

Daniel Adler

I fall in love a lot. Like little loves, beautiful wrists or sidelong glances or fine hair or prominent hip bones or sparkling eyes– they can all make me fall in love. 1,292 more words

Daniel Adler

The Source of Modern German Pride

Essen is the ninth largest city in Germany and is near three other of the top ten largest cities in this country. Lot of regional pride, state pride, and city pride here, from the soccer team, to the regional beer and foods. 1,521 more words

Daniel Adler

Daniel Adler Dances Through Istanbul

The sun shone golden through my beer as I watched the bubbles spin. It was kind of Anthony to buy me this beer; I usually don’t drink so early in the afternoon. 1,477 more words

Daniel Adler

Why I Love Istanbul (Not Constantinople)

Istanbul was the center of the world during the Byzantine and the Ottoman empire. They changed the name because Istanbul means “To the City,” and everyone knew which city. 336 more words

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