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Chinese Lanterns

A gift of New Year:
this subtle invasion,

the makings of peace.
We watched the quiver

of the yellow flames
during their downward drift,

jellyfish bobbing… 128 more words



Who knows what we wanted,
from those hustlers and nobodies,
sealed in their digital eternities
as Second Zombie, Tattooed Bandit
Bearded Killer, The Mighty Vood. 205 more words


Plant Life

Remember how I brought those plants
down from the city

perched in the front seat of a hire car
which you had to drive?

The road cleaving ancient earthworks. 163 more words


Fennel Tea

The mania of days. Who said that
and what route did we take?
Soho is a tangle of crowds,
its sides cube into corners,
and the directions are obscured… 170 more words



Small chores are a lesson
in new responsibilities,
a connection to the world.

Weeding is her favourite:
the blown seed blooms
into poppy and dandelion… 186 more words


My Father Dreams of the Sea

Not for him the phantoms
of high squall waters,
where green swells spit
hard pellets onto skin.

And neither will he pine
for shallow tropical pools… 216 more words


Review: Arboreal Days by Daniel Bennett

Daniel Bennett, Arboreal Days, The Red Ceilings Press, 2017.

There are writers under whose words landscapes become protagonists, particularly in the case of poets. This is very much true of Daniel Bennett’s writing in… 580 more words