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Post Yuna Kim

I am making a wild guess that we will see post Yuna Kims around 2020. She was the winner of 2010 winter Olympic. I believe this is when she was most widely exposed to the South Koreans and triggered primal cue to many little Yuna Kims in South Korea. 103 more words

Success/High Performance

Feeling of frustration when things don't go as you picture

I want to remind you that it’s ok to feel frustrated when you try to create your idea. It takes times to build something valuable. Fucking everything. 99 more words

Success/High Performance

The Talent Code

By Daniel Coyle

This is an absolutely fascinating book about how talent is created.  Popular opinion has for years said that it occurs randomly by chance or “lucky genes,” but Coyle goes deeper into the science behind talent, and breaks down something called myelin, which is really the key to it all. 621 more words

Daniel Coyle wins in Palm Beach

Ireland’s Daniel Coyle has taken another win at Palm Beach. Daniel rode ‘Tienna’ to victory in the 140 speed challenge. 48 more words


The Dominance of Korean Women Golfers: Se Ri Pak, the Role Model Who Sparked a Hotbed

In the years Before Se Ri Pak, professional women’s golf in Korea was essentially non-existent. In the years After Se Ri Pak, women’s golf exploded. 420 more words


On Review : The Talent Code by Daniel Coyle

On Review : The Talent Code by Daniel Coyle

This review based on book by Daniel Coyle “The Talent Book”. Daniel is the New York Times bestselling author. 887 more words


Are You Growing Your Myelin?

FreeImages.com/Mohamad Ali Makky

A group of Norwegian researchers did a study to see what made babies improve at walking. They discovered that the key factor wasn’t height, weight, age, brain development, or any other innate trait. 160 more words

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