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Pure cinema it is not, but this Lincoln is a sly one. As gripping as the back-room machinations of the 13th Amendment are (and they aren’t), Spielberg and Kushner give us a slow, stagy film: I don’t trust any movie this verbose (be it the surrender at Appomattox, or Lincoln’s ride through a corpse-strewn field, the best bits are silent). 170 more words


127. There Will Be Blood


Immediately after I finished No Country for Old Men I started up There Will Be Blood. It only seemed natural to jump from the Best Picture Winner of 2008 to what people think is the best movie made since 2000. 483 more words

The Crucible: Sorry, Mr. Trump, That's Not How Witch Hunts Work [Podcast]

The Movie: The Crucible (1996)

With co-host Caroline Diezyn (Twitter & Letterboxd)

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Lincoln (2012)

Monkey status: There are no monkeys featured in this film

Spielberg’s Lincoln was hotly anticipated by pretty much the whole world at its release in 2012. 626 more words

8 Surprising Facts About Shia LaBeouf

Shia LaBeouf has been in the spotlight since childhood, but there’s still a lot about the actor that you may be surprised to learn. While LaBeouf, 31, is often in the headlines for his off-screen antics (which sometimes include out-of-the-box performance art pieces), his on-screen career is pretty interesting, too.  668 more words


Blind Spot 19: The Boxer

One thing we sometimes forget in the world of movie blogging is that most movies land right in the middle. They are neither masterpieces or garbage. 358 more words