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THE OTHER NOMINEES OF 1989: I'm sure somebody has already made a "Crape Diem" joke so I'm not gonna bother.

if I complained about Driving Miss Daisy being too petite a movie to really count as a Best Picture winner, and I did, I could probably make the same complaint about the other films nominated the same year. 1,607 more words

One Simple, Eloquent Equation

The Theory of Everything, directed by James Marsh, features a powerful and Oscar-winning performance by Eddie Redmayne in his portrayal of world-renowned physicist Stephen Hawking. 352 more words

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As The Day Rises

Disclaimer: This story is entirely fictional. Everyone knows Daniel Day-Lewis is a married man with a lovely, devoted wife whom he appears to love very much. 2,800 more words


Cream of the Crop: "There Will Be Blood"


In this section, films of the highest artistic merit, considered all-time best, will be discussed and reviewed.

There Will Be Blood…

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There Will Be Blood - Movie Review

Paul Thomas Anderson’s There Will Be Blood is a film that has been praised endlessly by critics. Many view it as one of the most important films of the decade, if not the most important film of the decade. 749 more words

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Lincoln (2012)

Lincoln is a lot like spending three hours in some shadowy back room with old Abe himself. In that respect the film is a resounding success. 370 more words

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