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Fashion: Have you Seen Phantom Thread?

If you haven’t seen the film Phantom Thread – do make an effort to see it. The film has been playing for months now and it is definitely worthy – not only because of the haute couture fashion and the era it is set in, but also the remarkable character play by Daniel Day Lewis, Vicky Kriepes and Leslie Manville. 36 more words

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The Fussy Dressmaker, Phantom Thread Film Review

A perfect dress is every lady’s desire. Reynolds Woodcock was the ideal dressmaker and when he met his muse Alma, who knew there will be that much change in his house and life. 118 more words

My Beautiful Laundrette (1985) Review

This is the story of Omar (Gordon Warnecke), descendant of Pakistani family, son of Hussein (Roshan Seth) a famous journalist, who is alcoholic man so Omar has to take care of him. 374 more words


Movie Review: Phantom Thread (2017)

In 1954, Reynolds Woodcock (Daniel Day-Lewis) is one of London’s top fashion designers, making dresses for society’s wealthiest and most powerful, with the assistance of his sister, Cyril (Lesley Manville). 1,394 more words

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Astonishing Performances Power Paul Thomas Andersen's "Phantom Thread"

The films of Paul Thomas Anderson are anything but conventional, and Phantom Thread is not even close to an exception. Anderson writes and directs this story about Reynolds Woodcock, paragon of the 1950s haute couture scene. 948 more words

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Speakeasy Cinema Podcast Episode 4: Phantom Thread

In this episode of the Speakeasy Cinema Podcast, we talk extensively about Paul Thomas Anderson’s new film, Phantom Thread.

This film follows the life and romance of a master dress-maker named Reynolds Woodcock – played by none other than Daniel Day-Lewis – and his young female counterpart Alma – played by the stunning Vicky Krieps. 147 more words


Phantom Thread

Phantom Thread is a film that pulled a venomous hatred out of me that I haven’t felt for a film in a very long time. So with that in mind as a way of challenging myself, I’m going to attempt to say positive things about this film. 292 more words