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How Feminism Saved A (Fictional) Life

Over the weekend I watched the director’s cut of one of my old favourites; ‘The Last of the Mohicans’ (1992). (Who doesn’t love Daniel Day Lewis?!) However historically accurate in setting, costume and dialogue, Michael Mann’s film is actually very different to the novel upon which it is based… 687 more words

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A Trip (Back) To The Movies: Review - "There Will Be Blood" (2007) 8.22.15

This marked my fourth weekend in a row taking a trip out to see yet another in a list of seven films that falls into the complete filmography of American writer/director Paul Thomas Anderson which is being shown as a retrospective at the Portland Art Museum. 967 more words

The Art of Reinvention: Paul Thomas Anderson & His Influences - THERE WILL BE BLOOD

Anderson’s features, while always sharpening their edges as they go, have never been hard-as-nails as this adaptation of Upton Sinclair’s novel OIL!. Daniel Day-Lewis inhabits oilman Daniel Plainview, a leathery explorer intent on creating and quickly expanding an oil empire during the late-19th Century. 160 more words

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There Will Be Blood (2007) Review

It opens in a mine shaft and closes in a bowling alley. It starts in the dirt and it ends in bloodshed.

Welcome to Paul Thomas Anderson’s masterpiece. 735 more words


Best of Criterion's New Release, July 2015

Beefy film noir, violent, lurid crime flicks, Carroll Ballard, and early Stephen Frears make up the bulk of this month’s Criterion offerings. (Via Paste Magazine.)

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This week I watched the 2007 oscar winning gritty thriller There Will Be Blood directed by Paul Thomas Anderson. I was initially drawn to this film after watching Gangs of New York for the first time (yes I know I was late to the party.) Daniel Day-Lewis breathes authenticity into every role he plays and I couldn’t wait to see him at the centre of this oil drilling story. 272 more words

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Day 1 of the Bratislava to Budapest Trip: Bratislava to Mosonmagyarovar: Border Crossings

So on Day 1, July 31st, Vince and I, full of piss and vinegar, male testosterone, and a shared history in the west of Ireland: as well as a shared, yet oddly egotistical vision of Daniel Day Lewis playing both of us in the film of our journey, arrived in Bratislava at the main Train Station. 1,075 more words