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Hear, hear! (3)

Daniel Hannan (member of the European Parliament) writes:

It’s time to introduce a voluntary fame tax

I’ve just come across an utterly brilliant idea for tax reform, one that would elevate and improve our public discourse.

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Whys & Wherefores

Peter Hitchens and Daniel Hannan have a public disagreement

I like both these guys. They’re inspirational. Interested to see them in a conflict of ideas. Its the kind of archetypal political disagreement. Hannan thinks its better to be in the tent, while Hitchens prefers to piss on it from the outside. 91 more words

UK Politics

Jim Geraghty celebrates Netanyahu win, gets assist from Daniel Hannan [pics]

National Review’s Jim Geraghty really did have some fun with the Netanyahu victory, taking the opportunity to tweak the haters on Twitter.

"Heh." pic.twitter.com/QCrc26XfKm

— jimgeraghty (@jimgeraghty) …

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Daniel Hannan: the left doesn't understand the right

Daniel Hannan:

I happened to be passing St Paul’s while the protest was at its height, and decided to stop off for a chat. Some of the demonstrators recognized me from television, and our subsequent discussion was — for me, at any rate — hugely revealing.

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My, that Daniel Hannan MEP does get around a lot

Let me tell you here and now that I’ve met and listened to Daniel Hannan MEP. I have to say it was with huge dollop of respect and no little awe. 227 more words


You're a tax avoider? Let me buy you a pint

What’s that? You haven’t been paying your taxes? You haven’t been succumbing your hard-earned pennies to a government who think they know how to spend them better than you?  705 more words