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#Dream16 - Thoughts on the Keynote Speakers

Well, folks, I know you have all been waiting with baited breath to find out what I thought of the speakers at the Defending the American Dream Summit… 157 more words


Hannan podcast...

If you want to hear some sound policy and old-fashioned common sense,  all delivered in a crisp British accent,  do listen  to Jay Nordlinger’s podcast with Daniel Hannan.

Thousands march through streets of London to protest Brexit vote

The ones who are protesting are the ones who want all the entitlements to continue, on the backs of the working man. Saturday tens of thousands of European Union supporters sang, danced and marched their way down the streets of London to protest the United Kingdom’s vote to leave the EU. 311 more words

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Brexit must be a force for positive change

The next generation of leaders need to step up and shape Brexit’s political void

This week has been an immensely emotional and deeply worrying one. I’ve watched with despair as we voted out of a system which, however flawed, sought to protect peace, human rights, the environment, and allow free exchange of people and ideas. 1,234 more words


Could Brexit Be The Modern Day "Shot Heard Round The World"?

Ralph Waldo Emerson’s immortalized The Minutemen who made a stand against British Tyranny at Lexington and Concord in his “Concord Hymn”. Here is the first verse: 840 more words

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Leaving the UK

It did not take long. Several days into the new, post-Brexit reality, more than a handful of foreign friends have already declared their intention to leave the UK. 657 more words