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Weekly miscellany

Daniel Hannan bemoans the idiocy of Sacramento English teacher Dana Dusbiber’s refusal to teach her students Shakespeare:

You know what’s disappointing here? It’s not that an English teacher uses such shoddy syntax (you mean “teach only students of color,” Ms.

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GREEK DEBT: How EU Tory Mr Denial Humbug MEP wrote a Telegraph column about it, and missed out only twenty key facts

Rentaview journalism from another featherweight at the Maily Barclaygraph

If you wondered why Peter Oborne resigned in disgust from the Daily Telegraph, this might help explain. 893 more words

(Video) Nazism and Communism, brothers on the Left

One of the great intellectual errors I’ve had to clear myself of in recent years was the belief that Nazism and Communism, Fascism and Bolshevism, were opposites. 102 more words


Weekly miscellany

In Taki’s Magazine, Jim Goad discusses the inability of progressives to contemplate that evolution might have resulted in inequalities of intelligence among different human groups: 792 more words


David Cameron, Britain and Brussels

One of the good things about the Conservative victory in the recent UK general election is the capacity for David Cameron’s Conservatives to deliver on their promise to hold a referendum on Britain’s membership of the European Union following a renegotiation of the terms of Britain’s membership. 978 more words

Daniel Hannan

In defence of the common law

Daniel Hannan writes:

Common law is an anomaly, a beautiful, miraculous anomaly. In the rest of the world, laws are written down from first principles and then applied to specific disputes, but the common law grows like a coral, case by case, each judgment serving as the starting point for the next dispute.

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'Law coming up from the people'

With the fall of the Patriot act we have heard a lot about the American Constitution. It is held very dearly by many Americans. Daniel Hannan… 56 more words