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My, that Daniel Hannan MEP does get around a lot

Let me tell you here and now that I’ve met and listened to Daniel Hannan MEP. I have to say it was with huge dollop of respect and no little awe. 227 more words


You're a tax avoider? Let me buy you a pint

What’s that? You haven’t been paying your taxes? You haven’t been succumbing your hard-earned pennies to a government who think they know how to spend them better than you?  705 more words


Speaker Luncheon and Dinner in aid of SOS Children’s Village, Lefkosia

Speaker Luncheon and Dinner in aid of

SOS Children’s Village, Lefkoşa

We are pleased to announce news received from Carol and James Gibbs that they have arranged a luncheon and dinner with Daniel Hannan MEP an important and prestigious speaker at the DenizKizi Hotel, Alsancak and The Colony Hotel, Kyrenia and full details are shown below. 216 more words


Liberal Hero of the Week #87: Daniel Hannan

Daniel Hannan

Conservative MEP for South East England
Reason: for his support of localism.

Former Labour Lord Chancellor once pithily said of the “West Lothian Question” 664 more words

Liberal Hero / Villain

Life on Hannan World (Part 16)

I realise there has been little activity on my blog for a number of weeks. This is because I have been very busy with other things. 1,532 more words


More Than Just Words

Have you seen the GEICO commercial with the man on the horse? He tells the girl that he’s a loner, so he’s got to be alone. 994 more words

Daniel Hannan: Free markets can help bring peace to MidEast

Daniel Hannan: Free markets can help bring peace to MidEast


“Imagine a property based free market in Gaza…maybe if that option were on the table and they were in an open economy might open a drive through Halal take-away; what the world is doing there has led to a bad case; imagine a propertied bourgeoisie, and imagine they had a stake in their property and wanted to stay on good terms with customers; and wanted to stay on track with trade with Israel, trade isn’t a magic wand that abolishes animosities, but it allows people to live with them, Milton Friedman said that markets bring people who don’t like eachother into contact.” 1,421 more words