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Independence day: #Brexit2016Vote

On this day last year the UK voted to Leave the European Union. I do believe this was for the better, and how the EU has dealt with us so far seems to suggest our choice as a nation was correct and the best thing for us. 110 more words


Theresa May hits back at negative EU briefings

Excuse me, what was Theresa May supposed to say at the dissolution of Parliament – everything is fine and dandy with the relationships with the EU. 82 more words


Aldershot Conservatives should refuse the three candidates on offer tonight

When Sir Gerald Howarth MP announced he was standing down from Parliament, Aldershot Conservative Association made it clear that their preference was for Daniel Hannan MEP to be their candidate at the general election on 8 June. 134 more words



Daniel Hannan, member of the European Parliament and longtime friend of National Review, pronounces the word “democracy” unlike any American politician — and it is not his English accent. 323 more words


Leave campaigners: let's stay in the single market

Leave campaigners now say that leaving the EU must mean leaving the Single Market but that is not what they used to say.

Daniel Hannan: “ 259 more words

Brexiteers Should Back The Judges

There are many reasons for objecting to the EU and for wanting to leave it. Surely one of the most honorable and decent criticisms is that the supposed ‘pooled sovereignty’ between member nations has in fact resulted in, at best, a dilution of representative democracy: the idea that our laws, taxes and general governance should be decided only by those the people have the power to choose in free and fair elections. 1,500 more words