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"The Best Thing About Religion Is That It Makes For Heretics"

Where have we arrived?

That’s the question that comes to mind, after already having written six entries on the issue of secularization (and religion). Perhaps it’s better to ask, Where have… 1,719 more words

Daniel Hayes

It Could Be Otherwise

Sometimes I feel very stupid. Or perhaps foolish is a better word. I felt this way at a certain point in reading Charles Taylor’s A Secular Age. 1,148 more words

Daniel Hayes

Conjectural Groping

It’s easy, when it comes to “secularization,” to get caught up in a neat narrative. Obviously this is one of the pitfalls of “theory.” If there is a historical progression, and this progression is not inevitable or aimed in some predetermined direction, it still seems reasonable to say that it possesses a logic of… 1,332 more words

Daniel Hayes

A New Ambiguity

Christianity is unnecessary. I keep trying to remember that. It’s silly to think that Christianity was somehow historically inevitable. It may seem that way looking back, two thousand years hence, and perhaps it’s useful to… 791 more words

Daniel Hayes

And So Now What?

I’m reading Karen Armstrong’s The Great Transformation: The Beginning of Our Religious Traditions, to help me better understand what are called axial religions. Already, beginning as she does with more so-called primitive religions, I’m getting the picture of how God or the gods or deities or spirits could actually be embedded in daily life, existing in objects, and so rendering our distinction between higher and lower, transcendent and immanent, largely beside the point. 865 more words

Daniel Hayes