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20 Reasons Why The World Is Full Of Dumb People Who Think They're Smart

1. The average IQ is 100. It has always been 100 and it will always be 100 because the test is graded on a curve with 100 indicating “average.” It’s a test that compares the test taker to their peers. 1,173 more words

My Head, Spun

I hadn’t quite meant to say—in a general sense—that a moral objection to X (in this case, homosexuality) comes first, as almost visceral opinion, and only then comes the justification (i.e., reasons, argumentation, intellectualization). 507 more words

Daniel Hayes

How It Works (Part 2)

I tried in my previous “Primer” to describe contemporary Christian sensibilities on the question of homosexuality (with sex-same marriage as the hot-button issue). I wasn’t quite putting myself in the shoes of, say, conservative Christians; but I was trying to avoid the easy, polemical attributions of outsiders. 1,717 more words

Daniel Hayes

Christianity, Homosexuality, and Complementarianism: A Primer

I think it’s best before I get to the second part of “How It Works” to deal with a few basics about the issue at hand. 1,418 more words

Daniel Hayes

Book Blitz: Small Talk by Robert T. Germaux

About the Book:

A serial killer has the people of Pittsburgh on edge, and Detective Daniel Hayes and his hand-picked Special Assignment Squad are working feverishly to solve the case before more innocent lives are lost. 146 more words

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How It Works (Part 1)

Does God exist?

This question doesn’t really interest Charles Taylor. Here’s a question that does interest him: How did it come to be that belief in God, which a few centuries ago seemed axiomatic, now seems almost the opposite? 1,085 more words

Daniel Hayes

Making Headway

I wrote before of a few things I liked about Charles Taylor’s A Secular Age—or at least how it had me thinking in new ways. 1,605 more words

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