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Behavioral Economics & Day to Day Life/ Organizational Tasks

Understanding and appreciating Behavioral Economics fundamentals (for example, Herbert Simon’s “bounded rationality” or Tversky, Kahneman’s “Prospect Theory”) and how they may apply to day to day life/ organizational tasks, is not always easy. 136 more words


Why we buy lottery tickets

The funny thing about memories is that we remember what we remember. And those memories may not always be a true reflection of how things may have originally happened. 631 more words

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Book review: Thinking, Fast and Slow

I thought it was quite inspirational. Knowing that there are such conceptual two systems in our brains counterbalancing one another is insightful to say the least. 49 more words

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177 - Decision making: some tips for local government.

Posted by Colin Weatherby                                                                         420 words

There have been a number of posts on decision making in a recent series. This post is a quick overview of further advice available from four Harvard Business Review articles in the September 2015 edition; ‘ 445 more words

Decision Making

Are our brains on autopilot?

Let’s admit it – humans are lazy creatures! We like having things done for us and not putting too much effort into tasks. We also like sitting back, all relaxed, and counting on someone (or something) else to make sure everything’s fine. 751 more words


Overconfidence of the ‘Bengaluru’ entrepreneur

The last time I was in Bengaluru in late January and early February, almost everybody I met either wanted to be an entrepreneur or had already become one. 658 more words

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Portfolio allocation using Prospect Theory !!!

I first got stumbled upon the term “Prospect Theory” few years back in Daniel Kahneman’s wonderful piece of art, Thinking Fast and Slow.

It was in 1979 when Daniel Kahneman along with his colleague, the late psychologist Amos Tversky delivered a paper in Econometrica by the name “Prospect Theory: An Analysis of Decision under Risk” (here is the… 536 more words

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