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ICYMI: The Choice Explosion - The New York Times

Interesting insights on decision-making in the book, Decisive, by  Chip and Dan Heath:

It’s becoming incredibly important to learn to decide well, to develop the techniques of self-distancing to counteract the flaws in our own mental machinery.

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#9 confirmation bias

I went with a group of friends to Norway last June and after two days of intensive hiking in the mountains, we had one relaxing day in Stavanger. 401 more words

One Minute Inspirational Post

Executive Churn: It's Not Me, It's You

After enough seemingly random events, it’s natural for the human brain to start looking for patterns (just ask Daniel Kahneman). So when I recently heard news that one of my executive team was leaving the company to pursue the inevitable “other opportunities,” I started to wonder: 503 more words

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The Stimulated Rat

This is an experiment I first read about in Thinking, Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman. In the section called “Two selves” about rationality and happiness Kahneman writes about a classic experiment conducted on rats. 795 more words

Black Swan

‘Gender Equality by Design’: Building a More Inclusive (and Productive) Workplace - Knowledge@Wharton

Found at: http://knowledge.wharton.upenn.stfi.re/article/gender-equality-design-building-inclusive-productive-workplace/?sf=nwyxxv&__scoop_post=a7ddcd70-f1f9-11e5-dfde-f01fafd7b417&__scoop_topic=160011#__scoop_post=a7ddcd70-f1f9-11e5-dfde-f01fafd7b417&__scoop_topic=160011

Author: reviewer at Knowledge@Wharton

A new book by Harvard University professor Iris Bohnet, What Works: Gender Equality By Design, argues that tweaking the ways companies identify, develop and promote talent can improve equality and diversity at a “shockingly low cost and high speed.” 483 more words

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Do We Have Free Will, or is Free Will an Illusion?

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Many scientifically-minded people claim that mankind does not have free will. Instead, they say that all of our choices are determined by physical laws, and our perception of free will is an illusion. 2,084 more words


The holy life of a teacher?

This submission is with thanks to a reader in London.

There I was, a 22 year old “bochur” sitting in a coffee shop off Ben Yehudah going through the infamous task of job applications (I was bunking evening shiur at the time). 710 more words