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Small Is Beautiful—Or At Least, Weird

… among small groups there will be greater variation …
—Howard Wainer and Harris Zwerling.
The central concept of allopatric speciation is that new species can arise only when a small local population becomes isolated at the margin of the geographic range of its parent species. 2,248 more words
Michael Berubé

Exploring the Roots of Evil – again! (4/5): order, chaos and the danger of dichotomies

Having done a helicopter view of my reading about what pushes us into evil action, now I must tackle Jordan Peterson’s approach to all this. 2,313 more words

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  1. Tự thấy cần thay đổi thói quen đọc sách. Ai đời toàn lúc đọc thì tấm tắc khen hay, xong được 3 ngày là quên mất mình đã đọc cái gì.
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Nghiêm Túc

the Meaning of Cluster-Fuck

Let’s say the situation at work is not good. The project (or product, or re-org, or whatever) has launched, and the best you can say is that things aren’t going as planned. 982 more words


A tale of two selves: on the duality of consciousness

On returning to work after my firstborn I remember relating to my (not very empathetic) boss at the time some minor worries over our new daycare arrangements: the constant illnesses, the tears and fears of separation, and knowing our bub was no longing enjoying the one-on-one care and attention he was used to. 512 more words


Thinking, Fast and Slow

Started off great, got really interesting, then got as bit boring. He then went into a very detailed discussion on expected utility theory and Prospect Theory, which is what won Kahneman his Nobel Prize; but then went on to try and bring this together into a unified framework. 71 more words


Schooled by Monopoly

A couple of weeks ago, my eight-year-old son played his first game of Monopoly.* He played with me, his dad, and one of his aunties, Amelia. 538 more words