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Two-portfolio approach

At the beginning of this week, we discussed about iShare S&P 500 Value ETF. Like it or not, ETF will continue to reshape the finance industry. 159 more words

Kahneman and Tversky: Judgment under Uncertainty

A classic paper from Daniel Kahneman and Amos Tversky examines the role that heuristics play in our decisions, predictions, and assessments in situations characterized by uncertainty. 50 more words


Go Slowly

Taking a long, long time to not reach much of an essential, stable, or decided conclusion. That might be a good, working definition of scholarship, journalism or any written or spoken argument. 1,461 more words

Book Review: The Undoing Project

Israeli psychologists Daniel Kahneman and Amos Tversky spent hours and hours discussing theoretical concepts in psychology, developing an amazing working relationship that would completely change multiple fields in the social sciences. 95 more words


Thinking About Thinking

One of the joys of reading is that it gives you new templates for thinking.  (I realize this might sound strange, but rather than explain it up front, let me try to define it in a more indirect way.  917 more words

But to what goal?

I’ve ended my previous post by saying that we, humans, are tempted to see almost everything as a potential tool.

And the present one by asking myself ‘to what avail?’. 389 more words


Who's Afraid of Ludwig Wittgenstein?

a guest post by Carter Gillies

April 29 is the anniversary of Wittgenstein’s death. Somehow that seems important to me, in the wake of having just been told I’ve got cancer. 2,657 more words

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