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FIFA and the Iron Law of Oligarchy

In 1911, Robert Michels embarked on one of the earliest investigations into organisational culture. Michels was a pioneering sociologist, a student of Max Weber. In his book Political Parties he aggregated evidence about a range of trade unions and political groups, in particular the German… 904 more words

Risk Management


Now available — I have the following entries included:

Brain Scans and Behavioral Economics pp. 39-40

Complexity and Heuristics pp. 70-71

Daniel Kahneman (1934-) pp. 231-232… 25 more words

Michael Oakeshott

Books read in 2015 Q2

I was pretty busy this past quarter, but somehow I managed to finish 13 books! Now with 24 books under my belt, I might even try to shoot for 50 this year, considering how many on-going ones I have at the moment. 185 more words

Book Lists

Crisis in Non-fiction? 29-June-2015

There was a time when I would read only fiction – thrillers, suspense or just great stories were my constant companions. Then I got interested in non-fiction – the Malcolm Gladwell kind of books – which would present a great argument and analysis. 47 more words

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How to make the best decisions you can

13 Practical Ideas That Have Helped Me Make Better Decisions

make decisions without thinking. If you’ve studied the genre you’ve probably read Taleb, Tversky, Kahneman, Gladwell, Ariely, Munger, Tetlock, Mauboussin and/or Thaler. 72 more words

Behavioral Economics

Who's got the "hot hand"?

Basketball fans can be obsessive statisticians, keeping numbers on every imaginable aspect of the game. If you want to know the most points ever scored by a player in a single quarter of the seventh game of a second round playoff series after eating three slices of pepperoni pizza, somebody could probably tell you. 747 more words