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Be Open to Outcome—The Leaderly Approach

A baseball bat and a baseball cost $1.10

The bat costs one dollar more than the baseball.

How much does the baseball cost?

According to Professor of Psychology Emeritus (Princeton), Daniel Kahneman, most people (including smarty pants Ivy League students) state that the baseball costs 10 cents. 1,022 more words


Past is past. Or is it?

Let’s start with a story – in fact, it was an experiment done by Richard Thaler, which was narrated by Daniel Kahneman in his famous book… 1,171 more words

Mental Models

Obamacare and loss aversion

A Two-Word Psychological Concept Can Explain The Anger Over Obamacare’s Potential Repeal

As you may have noticed, the prospect of Congress repealing the Affordable Care Act, as Republicans have long promised to do, has sparked a pretty furious political backlash. 73 more words

Behavioral Economics

Studying natural stupidity

Read the ‘New Yorker’ Review of Michael Lewis’ book on Kahneman and Tversky. The review by Sunstein and Thaler offered glimpses into the relationship between both the men than about the book by Michael Lewis – whether it is readable, worth reading, its strengths and weaknesses, etc. 178 more words

Human Mind

Brain or Machine? Investing Holy Grail

Paul Meehl was a versatile academic who held numerous faculty positions, covering the diverse disciplines of psychology, law, psychiatry, neurology, and yes, even philosophy. The crux of his research was focused on how well clinical analysis fared versus statistical analysis. 834 more words


Information Anarchy Relief

The post-fact era of information anarchy has caused many people to be overwhelmed with useless and misleading information. That is causing us collectively and individually to make more irrational and destructive decisions, e.g. 791 more words

And Now For Something Completely Different

To return for a moment to my point about objectivity existing only in the mind of the beholder: it amused me to see the popular news digest ‘The Week’ beginning its first Talking Point column of the new year with the headline “Will 2017 be as bad as 2016?” The reason for my amusement was that the editors of that publication regularly assert that it is impeccably neutral. 981 more words