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Thinking Fast and Slow

I suppose the first thing that draws you to this sort of book is how does a professor of psychology end up getting a nobel prize in economics? 589 more words


Anchoring Numbers

Research on priming shows that our thoughts and behaviour are anchored by external stimuli. This extends even to our thoughts about numbers. Daniel Kahneman writes in… 266 more words

Daniel Kahneman

Deconstructing Deming XI B - Eliminate numerical goals for management

11. Part B. Eliminate numerical goals for management.

A supposed corollary to the elimination of numerical quotas for the workforce.

This topic seems to form a very large part of what passes for exploration and development of Deming’s ideas in the present day. 1,062 more words

Operational Excellence

How To Avoid Scams, Fakes & Frauds (Evaluating Evidence)

Suppose you have a trustworthy friend who comes to you visibly shaken and claiming to have seen a UFO. Your friend says that they saw a light in the sky that hung motionless for a time before shooting of to the left at a fantastic speed. 2,031 more words

Practical Skills

1) Thinking, Fast and Slow: Two systems

Hello there!
I am now reading really amazing book which is called Thinking, fast and slow. It is written by Daniel Kahneman who has got nobel prize for economy. 282 more words

Our two system brain

There are a many concepts in behavioural economics that I want to revisit and understand better while I reflect on what they mean for science communication. 768 more words

Should we take our happiness more seriously?

Huffington Post believes it’s Time to Take Happiness More Seriously. But you need only watch one or two of the (currently 53) TED talks on the subject of happiness, or read a few of the scores of self-help books on the topic, to realise that we don’t know very much about it. 504 more words