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How Poets write Poems (perhaps) - and my own writing process


“The poet, is occupied with frontiers of consciousness beyond which words fail, though meanings still exist.”

T.S. Elliot

Two modes of thinking

Perhaps there is no instruction book or check list to be followed. 1,845 more words

The 4 Types of Project Manager - re-post

I came across this intriguing article “The 4 Types of Project Manager” by Carsten Lund Pedersen and Thomas Ritterv in Harvard Business Review.

According to this article, the four types of project managers are: 213 more words

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In-Context Research Requires Environment AND Mindset


As a company whose roots lie with in-store intercepts, we have always had an appreciation for the purity and predictability of learning about shopping behavior and testing concepts/packaging in a real retail environment with shoppers who were in the store to shop.   415 more words

Marketing Research

‘We can be blind to the obvious, and we are also blind to our blindness’

Let’s think about the Müller-Lyer illusion for a moment:

I am certain that almost all of us have already seen this picture. And that almost all of us know that both horizontal lines are of the same length. 676 more words


educating the evolved mind: education

The previous two posts have been about David Geary’s concepts of primary and secondary knowledge and abilities; evolved minds and intelligence.  This post is about how Geary applies his model to education in… 1,336 more words


intuition, rationalization, and characterization

I read a lot. Writers should, in general, and not just the sort of stuff we ourselves write (or want to write). I also work as a librarian and there’s a cliché about librarians and reading that isn’t as accurate as people think, but which happens to be true in my case. 618 more words

Writing Process

“French Fries” Our biology and the fault in our utility functions

I step out of my house and ‘beep, beep’, unlock my little red hatchback.

I stop in my tracks. A whiff of comfort hits me in my face. 1,206 more words

Opinion: Life Experiences And Learning