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Who is a 'Liberal'?


Who Is A ‘Liberal’?

(V. Anantha Nageswaran)

V. Anantha Nageswaran is an independent financial markets consultant based in Singapore

An ideal Liberal is open to new ideas, and yet has a few immutable core principles and values. 3,109 more words

Human Evolution

Reflections ~ How we think.

This is an exploring post. I have only just begun to read the things necessary to build these concepts in my own mind, but I so wanted to share what I have found. 1,029 more words

Humanties For The Unbound Mind

To master the game takes time

IBM’s computer “DeepBlue” has been beating the very best chess players for some time. Now Google’s computer “DeepMind” is beating professional players in the ancient Chinese game of Go. 236 more words

23 July 2015, Slow Trader Hedge Fund

My Book Pick for Election Season

Just about every candidate in the race for president has a book they would like you to read—namely, theirs.

My suggestion for one book for people to read during this presidential election season was written by a professor, not a politician. 247 more words

Trading is logical not intuitive

An essential lesson to learn, as a trader, is not to use instinct.

Beginners (traders and investors) rely almost entirely on intuition. We buy stocks based on the image we have of a company, or we take a trade based on a chart pattern; a pattern that has poor context. 106 more words

23 July 2015, Slow Trader Hedge Fund

The Rich Getting Richer Is More Depressing Than A Rise In Unemployment, Shows Research

The persistent rise in the share of income held by the top 1 per cent in many countries round the world is damaging the wellbeing of the other 99%, with worrying implications for public health and national productivity, new research has shown.  489 more words

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How Success Can Ruin Your Creativity

There was once a flight instructor in the Israeli Air Force who was told that complimenting your students’ performance is a more effective teaching method than punishing them. 349 more words