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Keep it Simple, Stupid

There is not much to say about Daniel Klag’s haunting new album, “Permutations”; it’s one of those things you just kind of have to lie down and listen to. 208 more words

Daniel Klag - Twin Labyrinths (Miscreant Records, 2014)

It’s been what feels like a long day. That’s perhaps not necessarily true but something about packing up my belongings even for a relatively short stay at home and subsequently migrating back there seems to be extremely draining. 724 more words


Daniel Klag // Twin Labyrinths

Twin Labyrinths, an album inspired by a short story by Borges (1939). Daniel Klag constructs a maze of ambient sounds that some would even be weary of entering, but upon commitment this is a pleasantry of sound that cascades its relaxation properties upon your tired soul. Enjoy my musical travelers.


LP /video: Billy Gomberg - False Heat

After picking up friend Daniel Klag‘s upper-west side release of Inner Earth, Jeremy Bible and his Experimedia label have sent over the new new. Limited to only 108 copies you’ve little time to grab your vinyl copy. 178 more words

Daniel Klag

Daniel Klag ~ Inner Earth

A portal of peace has opened, leading to a new dimension of drone discovery. A chance to start over, released from a broken world of the fallen; one where a million spiral galaxies awaken in the blink of an eye, calling their… 453 more words


Daniel Klag - Inner Earth

I have been living in the region known as sub-earth for some time now. Living, if you want to call it that. If you come from a home (which I don’t), it is nothing to write home about. 48 more words


Daniel Klag - Inner Earth (2013)

Upcoming Constellation Tatsu and sophomore release of Ambient/Drone artist Daniel Klag, Inner Earth.

I’m having one of those days today, one of those days where you just cant be fucked to do anything, where stupid little things make you mad, and one of the last things on my mind was sitting down and writing a review. 695 more words