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Keep it Simple, Stupid

There is not much to say about Daniel Klag’s haunting new album, “Permutations”; it’s one of those things you just kind of have to lie¬†down and listen to. 208 more words

Daniel Klag - Twin Labyrinths (Miscreant Records, 2014)

It’s been what feels like a long day. That’s perhaps not necessarily true but something about packing up my belongings even for a relatively short stay at home and subsequently migrating back there seems to be extremely draining. 724 more words


Daniel Klag // Twin Labyrinths

Twin Labyrinths, an album inspired by a short story by Borges (1939). Daniel Klag constructs a maze of ambient sounds that some would even be weary of entering, but upon commitment this is a pleasantry of sound that cascades its relaxation properties upon your tired soul. Enjoy my musical travelers.