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Summer of Love

It truly is the summer of love. I got me a man. Also, love love love is the theme of the summer season at the Globe Theatre. 485 more words


Romeo and Juliet Shakespeare's Globe Review

So. It is 11:00 pm on a Friday. I am joined by my two flatmates. We are dragging our feet as we walk to London’s Globe Theatre. 698 more words

Romeo & Juliet- Globe 2017 review

Review of the latest Globe production of Romeo & Juliet (linked). This got the biggest critical thumbs-down from the mainstream press in years. I’ve listed the good bits and the bad bits!

Emma Rice

Review: Romeo and Juliet

Guest review by Tom Ward

It is immediately evident from the beginning that Daniel Kramer’s current version of Romeo and Juliet is not the classical tale of two “star-crossed lovers” we are familiar with. 489 more words


Daniel Kramer's Romeo & Juliet at Emma Rice's Globe - the 1st half

I didn’t join in the debate about the early departure of Emma Rice from the Globe. It seemed to me the issues should have been thoroughly discussed and resolved (or not) before her appointment. 280 more words


Review Round Up: Romeo & Juliet, Shakespeare's Globe

Daniel Kramer’s new production of  Romeo & Juliet opens the Shakespeare’s Globe’s Summer of Love Season. But is it love at first sight with the critics?  465 more words

Snog, Marry, Avoid: Romeo and Juliet, The Globe, SE1

Daniel Kramer’s production of Romeo and Juliet for The Globe’s ‘Summer of Love’ season opens with a powerful visual image: two women in labour, wheeled onto the stage on gurneys, bring forth from their fatal loins a pair of tiny child-sized coffins, covered in roses. 1,239 more words